• The repeat entries of short film not allowed..
  • The film can be Documentary, Experimental, Narrative, Fiction, Non Fiction or Animation. The original film may be produced on 35 mm, 16 mm, HD, DIGI BETA, BETA SP, U-MATIC, DV, DVD, but the film must be available on DVD presentation for preview purpose for Technical committee, Selection committee and Jury panel.
  • Entries MUST be PAL format only. NTSC is NOT accepted. Festival Management will not be responsible if film is not screened due to problem with the DVD format.
  • Total running time of short film must be less than or equal to 5 minutes in length, including front and back credits relating to the movie and rebirth credits. There is no minimum running time. Rebirth credit page,should be shown in the film and should be attached at the end of the film and should be within total 5 minutes of time. Rebirth credits of minimum 5 seconds  should be 5 minutes of the movie time. Format of credits is given as annexure to this document.
  • Compressed version for youtube upload should not be more than 200 MB in size.
  • The short film can be in any languages. All films must have English subtitles for festival presentation.
  • Two DVD’s of the film will be needed to be submitted along with the Film Submission Letter. Each Preview DVD should be labeled with the Film title, running-time,contact E-mail and phone number with international code.
  • Multiple entries can be submitted, but with separate entry forms, preview DVD, synopsis/description, still photographs, press kit should be enclosed. Each film is considered as a new entry.
  • Rebirth Foundation has right to use the Entries / Sent / Selected / Nominated films, DVD and materials from the film for festival promotional purposes and to retain DVD copies of each film as part of our library. Rebirth Foundation can also showcase the movies on Website, YouTube, Seminars and other occasions, training programs etc. without any permission of the Producer / Director. The movie screening rights will remain with Rebirth Foundation without any limitations of time, frequency or purpose.
  • Films once selected & submitted for final screening will not be allowed to be withdrawn under any circumstances until the festival is over.
  • The publicity material (Brochure, Stills, Poster, etc.) and a synopsis of the short film should be enclosed with the entry. Entry materials submitted shall not be returned to the entrant.
  • Transportation and insurance costs of DVDs, related documents, photographs and publicity materials from the country of origin to the Festival Office shall be borne by the applicant.

Entry Fees

    • There is entry fee of Rs. 500  including for participating in this Short Film Festival.

Date of Submission

  • Regular Submission – 15th January  2019 TO Mid – Night of 15th March  2019.
  • Film should be submitted before deadline. The authorities of the Short Film Festival are not responsible for late, lost, damaged, misdirected, postage due, stolen, or misappropriated entries.
  • Entry Forms / Film Submission Letter with incorrect / inadequate / illegible / ambiguous particulars will not be considered. The festival committee reserves the right to accept or refuse any film without assigning any reason whatsoever.
  • DVDs submitted for selection will be considered as final and no changes will be entertained after submission. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to submit DVDs without any physical / quality defects.
  • The competition is open for professionals as well as students. No separate section for student filmmakers.

Following are the subjects on which you may submit your short film or you have choice to choose your own subject, apart from below mentioned subjects  :


1. Counsellors’ Magic

They are the most critical link in the process of organ donation yet are never in the limelight. Can you weave a film that draws the curtains and applauds their untiring resolve. Will your film give these unsung heroes the stage that the world needs to see?

2. Brain-dead Condition

There is a difference between coma, brain death, and natural death. Can your film give a clear illustration of what brain death is? Does your film have the creative streak to explain this technicality?  

3. Cops in Action

When it comes to organ donation, they may as well have the Mission Impossible theme playing in the background. Do you have a film that will show the audience the responsibilities and impeccable execution the police force shoulders?

4. Second Innings

It is human tendency to acknowledge something only when it is on the brink of loss. Can you spin a film that talks about a recipient’s perspective on the concept of organ donation?

5. Angels

Their parting message to humanity was – ‘At least at last donate’. Do you have the skills to create a film that reveals the hard reality a donor family is put in and how it fights it out to emerge stronger?

6. Hospital’s Story

Not only super heroes wear capes. Some wear gloves and a surgical mask. Can you make a film that shines the light on the humongous tasks that doctors carry out every single time?

7. The Media Story

History is not only created but also written and reported. Do you think you can make a film that highlights the media’s positive role in the process of organ donation?

  • Mailing Address for Submission of Movie :

ReBirth Foundation,

C/o. Naresh H. Gandhi.


S No. 692/A/2A, 2nd Floor, Near City Pride Theatre,

Next to Sharada Sahakari Bank,

Pune-Satara Road, Pune-411037.

Office Contact:- 020-24210398 / 8055111711

E –mail: contact@rebirthtrust.org      

Contact: +91 – 9767553300

Name of Contact Person : Mrs. Shamal N. Gandhi