A Life-Giving Experience

‘Though a girl child is not denied at birth and is raised, parents are always hopeful of a boy child. Also, as per the society, a family is considered complete with a mix of boy and girl child. I was the fourth daughter in midst of the hope of a son. This girl always wanted to prove that she is equally capable of doing things as a boy can do. And she proved it beyond doubt, amid adverse environment!

My father, Mr Ramanlal Sugandhi, who had never, in his lifetime, tasted non-vegetarian food, leave aside a single drop of alcohol, was diagnosed with liver damage and the reason was cryogenic – in simpler words, there was no reason.

I was ready to do anything and everything for my father. I came forward and told my father that I wished to donate a part of my liver. My father was hesitant though, as his daughter was a young girl, had many years to live, and was unmarried at that time. However, I convinced him and went ahead with all the medical tests. By the grace of God, my liver matched and the transplant was scheduled on 17th September 2008 at Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi. After the successful surgery, we both, the donor and recipient, walked out of the hospital hale and hearty.

Today, my father is in the pink of health and does his daily chores himself. He manages his historic bakery shop which gives him the ultimate joy. Meanwhile, I got married and have a cute little son, Rajveer, which is again a miracle because many of my relatives were doubtful whether I will be able to conceive and have a child.

In this entire journey, my husband, Mr Shreepal Samdariya, was a big support even before the surgery as he promised me to marry me with all infirmities if any – the way my body will be! Also, my in-laws accepted me with dignity. Further, I’m proud to declare that I am awarded a doctorate degree by Savitribai Phule Pune University. My filll name, now, reads as – Dr Payal Samdariya.

I do not know if there is any gift you can give to another person that is more rewarding and worth the expense than the gift of health.

The transplant has made my family closer than ever before. And I know that I have played a part in extending my father’s life for an additional amount of time. Every part of the journey was worth it.

In my opinion and experience, organ donation and transplant is not a threat but a life-giving experience!

Dr Payal Samdariya

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