A Lot Happens Over Cha Biscuit!

Like a true Mechanical Engineering student, Pupun Mohanty (the biker-host for the city) has fuelled the machinery famously named Bharat Organ Yatra 2.0 while in Bhubaneswar!

Pupun has an electrifying surprise planned for Kaka. Totally aware of what camaraderie does to bikers, he has arranged for a meet-and-greet for Kaka at one of Bhubaneswar’s famous bikers’ adda – Cha Biscuit. The surprise only gets bigger – Pupun has managed to spread word within the bikers’ community of the city resulting in 60 to 70 bikers’ presence for the event!

When the clock strikes twelve in the noon, the party kicks in on schedule. With thundering bikes and equally roaring spirit, bikers throng to Cha Biscuit. A beautifully created space, Cha Biscuit holds stories and experiences of hundreds of bikers in its every nook. 

Colorful prayer flags decorate the open space of the café. Aligning and complementing the spirit of these flags – of peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom – the Bhubaneswar Biker Fraternity has assembled to salute Kaka’s mettle to spread organ donation awareness. 

Pupun and the bikers have made arrangements for an informal interview for the fraternity. Kaka is requested to speak about his journey and beliefs. He is then felicitated by the group. Soon, photo sessions and social media updates commence. Simultaneously, the Orissa POST covers B.O.Y. 2.0 and Kaka’s zeal superbly.

At one end, bikers want to be photographed alongside Kaka; some ask Kaka to pose on their superbikes. Kaka indulges, humbly, in all the perks of being the day’s guest of honour!

In the high-profile crowd of Ducatis, Harley Davidsons, and Hayabusas, B.O.Y. 2.0’s Avenger is aware of its ordinary reality. But, just like Kaka, it is in for a pleasant surprise too! 

Owners of the many superbikes parked at Cha Biscuit are seen admiring B.O.Y. 2.0’s Avenger! Turn-by-turn, they take pictures with Kaka’s bike. Kaka, too, is astonished!

Over cups of chai and plates of biscuits (and other snacks), all classism dissolves. As hot chai is sipped from cups, everyone transforms into a human being – without labels!

All stress seems healable. That’s what the world needs right now – an open space and chai, and the feeling of oneness!

With one of the fondest memories in the journey so far, Kaka and Pupun bid farewell to fellow bikers and Cha Biscuit. When Kaka reaches his room, Times of India is on a call for an interview. Like a pro, he answers the questions and gives details. The interview winds up briskly.

Kaka is eager to share his amazing experiences with the backend team – him sending around 55 photos of the afternoon before the call is a sign of his bounding happiness!

ReBirth expresses heartfelt gratitude to bikers across the country for their pure love and solid support! Though stationarily operating B.O.Y. 2.0 from Pune, ReBirth is confident that Kaka is in safe hands of the bikers…!

Day 044
Bhubaneswar, Odisha
– Juhi Kothari/Shetty

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