All Eyes on the Road

Green signage on Kaka’s left regularly part messages to be cautious on the highway. Most indicate directions and distances. Kaka is eagerly looking forward to a particular signage. Finally approaching it, he slows down. He fishes out his phone to frame the moment – the state of Telangana is bidding him a farewell!

But before he can enter Andhra Pradesh, he must pass through a human screening! The Telangana RTO Checkpost Assistants approach him at the border… His bike with the sticker-decorated black box is definitely not inconspicuous!

The Assistants enquire Kaka about the bike and its big box riding pillion with him. Tactfully, Kaka introduces himself and the critical (and attention enticing) information first. On learning about his being an organ donor and on a mission through a solo-motorbike-ride, they request him for photographs. Kaka gladly obliges! Mentally, he ticks off the first presentation for the day!

After this break, he is back on track towards Rajahmundry. With complete details of the Venue Captain, B Rajkiran, on his phone, he intends a no-stop ride to the accommodation in the city. However, fate and the road have other plans…!

On the highway, as Kaka is about to overtake another motorbike, he notices a recognisable sticker near the number plate. He may not able to talk in English but he definitely knows how to read the important words of the language!

As Kaka overtakes the bike, he signs the rider to stop over. Though utterly confused, the fellow biker consents to Kaka’s request and slows down. Kaka’s bike with multiple stickers as well as the other bike with the one sticker park safely on the side of the road. 

While approaching, Kaka reads the bike’s sticker (to reconfirm) to himself once again: P R E S S
His excitement is pounding loud. Hurriedly but politely, Kaka enquires if the rider is a press reporter.

On receiving an affirmation, Kaka, for the second time, introduces himself and B.O.Y. 2.0 on the road!

The listener is stunned by his luck and acknowledges everything that Kaka is speaking. However, Kaka’s broken Hindi isn’t coping up. They move under a tree’s shade to figure a way out.
Fate intervenes when it makes Rajkiran call up Kaka to check on his progress. That’s when Kaka relates the current happenings. He also cites the language barrier. Because Rajkiran had received ReBirth’s organ donation PowerPoint presentation beforehand from Indumathi, he confidently steps in as a translator.

A telephonic interview ensues and winds up smoothly. Kaka, though the instigator has become a bystander! The reporter notes down Kaka’s contact number. He speeds off conveying that the article will be published in tomorrow’s newspaper. Rajkiran and Kaka have nothing but these words as hopes to hold on to…

Once settled in the Officers’ Club in Rajahmundry, Kaka recounts the incident to Indumathi. Hoping against hope that it isn’t a cruel joke, everyone keeps their fingers crossed.

The next day’s sunrise has a surprise in store for us!

Before Kaka leaves Rajahmundry, not one but three newspapers have published articles covering B.O.Y. 2.0!

(L to R) Eluru Times Newspaper, Godavari Newspaper, and Prajasakti Newspaper (Rajahmundry) are talking about Kaka and B.O.Y. 2.0, helping ReBirth spread mass awareness on organ donation. One of them even has the tree under which the interview transpired as the background! 
Rajahmundry could not offer any avenues for B.O.Y. 2.0’s sessions. However, Kaka was able to procure a massive one out of thin (highway) air!

It is rightly said that being vigilant on the road saves lives. Today, B.O.Y. 2.0 has indirectly saved lives by being vigilant and spotting an opening. 

Next time you are on the road, do keep your eyes open to grab the right opportunities! Here, on B.O.Y. 2.0’s virtual road journey, don’t miss this milestone!


Day 038
Khammam to Rajahmundry | 240 kms
– Juhi Kothari/Shetty

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