An Unlabelled Green Corridor

Three Kolkata bikers ride approximately 140 kilometres away from the city to bid Kaka farewell. Running high on emotions, they wish Kaka a safe Bharat Organ Yatra this year too. Kaka profusely thanks them for their hospitality and love. As a practice, once touching the highway, he rides alone towards a new city.

However, the bikers of Kolkata and Murshidabad, together, have tweaked the routine…

As Prithak (Tanumoy) watches Kaka rides off towards Murshidabad, he calls up to inform the next host – Anirban Bagchi. Anirban, who has already made ripples in his circles by his social media post, gets to work.

Kaka is in for a surprise today. He is escorted by about 6 biker groups in the 218 kilometer ride from Kolkata to Murshidabad!

Just like a harvested organ is transported by ambulance in the shortest possible time via a ‘Green Corridor’, the bikers have stationed themselves at strategic locations to escort Kaka safely to a new city!

Each group sends-off Kaka to the next group only after a round of chai! These short breaks collectively increase the ride’s duration today. Kaka reaches Murshidabad way off schedule. However, things are under control, thanks to Anirban’s thorough planning.

Anirban and 25-30 MadBrozzz bikers have gathered twenty kilometres outside the city to welcome Kaka. A thundering convoy of bikes (and superbikes) escort Kaka through the traffic of Murshidabad. People not only give way but also their undivided attention. A Traffic Police Constable approaches the group to evaluate the fuss. On learning about B.O.Y. 2.0 and Kaka, he requests for a photograph and treats Kaka with another cup of tea!

In the evening, Anirbab (of MadBrozzz) has planned a grand event with the help of Mr Biplab Chakraborty (Chairman, Murshidabad Municipality). Beginning at 7pm, the event has 100+ audience members and lasts for a whole two hours! Kaka is thrilled to bits! Many police officers, of different titles, make up a chunk of the audience.

(L to R) Mr A R Khan (Social Activist), Mr Tanmoy Sarkar (Additional S.P Lalbagh), Mr Barun Baidya (S.D.P.O Lalbagh), Mr Rabi Adhikary (Social Activist), Pramod Mahajan Kaka, Mrs Asiyana Begum (Councillor, Murshidabad Municipality), Mrs Sayeda Begum (Vice Chairman, Murshidabad Municipality), and Mrs Sonali Singha Roy (Councillor, Murshidabad Municipality) felicitate Kaka for his efforts and his life choices – of donating a kidney as well as being a part of ReBirth’s B.O.Y. 2.0!

Journalists note down the proceedings while cameras record the footage.

Kaka’s work through B.O.Y. 2.0 sees another unbelievable recognition. A comment on Anirban’s Facebook post comes from the raincoat vendor of Kolkata! Looks like ReBirth and Kaka are somewhere accomplishing retention of awareness in the masses!

Kaka is once again escorted to Anirban’s home by 10 to 15 bikers who seem to be his shadow throughout the day. 

Amidst food, appreciation, and camaraderie, the after-party extends until midnight… Tired but unperturbed by it, Kaka overlooks the day that he has lived. The bikers have made him feel like a VVIP; the way citizens respectfully cooperate with a donated organ speeding to its recipient’s hospital!

Day 049
Kolkata to Murshidabad | 218 kms
– Juhi Kothari/Shetty


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