“Autograph, Please!?”

If the last day of Chennai yesterday was remarkable, Odisha’s first day today holds more surprises!

By noon, Odisha and its first host – Mr Sridhar – welcome Kaka at his stay. However, Kaka cannot stay there for even a minute!

As soon as Kaka parks his bike, the news reporter from Satya TV waiting in the lobby jumps to action. The spacious and vacant parking lot makes for a perfect setup for a quick interview. The reporter, who is a classmate of the hotel’s owner, breaks the ice and instantly sets the bar high for Odisha’s warm welcome to Bharat Organ Yatra 2.0.

After the interview, Kaka is rushed to a hot lunch where he is briefed about the upcoming events. Only a school visit was originally scheduled. However, when the school’s neighbours – a dental hospital – found out about B.O.Y. 2.0 and Kaka, they wanted to meet him too!

Soon, Kaka and Sridhar leave towards the venue. The visit at the Vydhya Dental Hospital is more like a felicitation. The doctors there honour his efforts and spirit in their best way. They wish him more success and appreciate his resolve to travel across the country!

Next in queue is the Montessori High School. No sooner than Kaka completes his talk on the importance and need of organ donation that the students queue up around him. Roughly, a hundred students ranging from the 8th to 12th standard form the core audience. About 10 to 15 teachers, too, have experienced Kaka’s potent energy in the hall.

A round of question-and-answers – between Kaka and the students as well as between teachers and students to test their understanding – ensues. The students have absorbed the concept of organ donation accurately! Kaka is thrilled when he observes the impact his words, and action, make on the audience. 

Quickly, he is drowned in the chants of ‘Autograph, please!’ 

Kaka’s fingers are aching signing different sized papers! The teachers, too, wait for their turn. The highlight is when the Principal, Sucharitha Ma’am, announces her choice of registering as an organ donor! She enquires about the process and is guided ably by Kaka.

Montessori High School’s Principal has set the perfect role model example for her students. The students may have seen her signature all through their lives in the school. However, this one signature on the Pledge Form is inspiring for the rest of their lives! She promises to have a pledge-form-signing drive for the students. 

Ongole is the city where Kaka stood in the limelight in a new way – by signing autographs! 

Right now, it can be your turn to be in the spotlight. Pledge to be an Organ Donor, “Autograph, please!?”

Day 033
Nellore to Ongole | 135 kms
– Juhi Kothari / Shetty

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