B.O.Y. 2.0’s Sena

Bharat Organ Yatra 2.0 moves from Ongole to Vijaywada today with a scenic view. The highway is decorated with huge Lord Hanuman statues at frequent intervals.

Kaka is scheduled to stay at a hostel today. A temporary home for students appearing for NIIT Entrance exam, Kaka’s room will also be a shared version. He reaches Vijaywada at lunch time and blends into the hostel life. With no events scheduled, he has to while away time by himself.

ReBirth Foundation, conceptualised in 2015, has come a far way today because of its well-wishers’ solid belief in its existence. The creative brain of ReBirth has been able to successfully deliver novel events solely courtesy its selflessly working volunteers and large-hearted fund donors.

ReBirth sincerely (and alphabetically) thanks Glasserie, Jain Marble Industries, Jamuna Sharma, Jyotichand Bhaichand Saraf & Sons, K L Munot Charitable Trust, Kaustubh Joshi, Konvertor Packing Solution Pvt Ltd, LifeSchool, LMET AJ Hospital Manglore, Maha NGO Federation Donation, Mahesh Goyal, Marathe Jewellers, Marble & Tiles Association, Naivedyam Restaurant, Naresh Gandhi, Pankaj Pipada, Pushpa Shetty, Rainbow Developers, Rajesh Shetty, Ratan Rathi, Siddharth Gandhi, Smt Padmabai Shriniwas Rathi Seva Trust, Thakkar Plastics, Vaidi Sampathkumar, and ZTCC for donating (₹ 20000 or more) money and positive wishes for its functioning!

The journey of B.O.Y. 2.0 has brought together bikers around the country working individually yet as a unit! Some of the bikers have posted on their social media handles to help B.O.Y. 2.0 reach more audience. A few – like Counting Kilometres and Joe Mahabs – have posted on their YouTube channels. The social media postings are all voluntary; this has happened because they have started resonating with Kaka’s cause! ReBirth volunteers are tapping their sources to translate the original English Press Note into various regional languages. Bikers offer to service Kaka’s bike when they feel the need to, without waiting for a request.

As dinner time clocks, around 30 to 40 students gather in the hostel’s common room. Kaka eats his dinner too. He then asks them to join him once they are done.

Curiosity speeds the students’ eating time. Soon, they join Kaka in the common hall. Kaka delivers a presentation for them…! It lasts for an hour. Expecting students to be tired, Kaka looks to wind up the session when the students throw questions at him.

‘Can a person survive on one kidney?’, ‘What organs can one donate?’, ‘Who is present during organ retrieval?’, and other interesting questions are answered to by Kaka. The boys are impressed by the one-day visitor and squeeze around him for a photo opportunity!

Hanuman Ji’s Vanar Sena came together to help and built an impossible bridge over the ocean. In (ReBirth and) B.O.Y. 2.0’s journey, miraculously, a Sena always appears to build a bridge to help us crossover to another success.

You, as a reader, can make a difference too! Pledge. Donate (time / funds). Volunteer.

Help in any form will be deeply appreciated at ReBirth!

ReBirth wishes to play a part in the world of organ donation, however miniscule. Are you with us?

Day 034
Ongole to Vijaywada | 149 kms
–  Juhi Kothari/Shetty

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