B.O.Y. 2.0’s Spirits

B.O.Y. 2.0 and Kaka’s arrival in Assam’s first city, Bongaigaon, has already created a buzz. Pinaki Bayan, of Boroland Riders, today’s biker-host, has spread word about the ride in his circle. His fellow bikers are unable to contain their gratitude of chancing upon the opportunity to host Kaka in the city!

Newton Narzary, a Boroland Rider, puts up a post on his social media about Kaka’s upcoming arrival. As Kaka is riding from Alipurduar, the Boroland Riders have already assembled on the highway to escort Kaka towards Bongaingaon.

Kaka is thrilled to see 11 riders for his welcome! Each passing day is outshining its yesterday, in different ways…

Without disrupting the traffic or causing a racket for other commuters, the Boroland Riders ride in a neat single file with Kaka in the pack! It is a sight to see! The discipline the formation displays is a great lesson!

Once done with lunch, the Boroloand Riders propose a plan to Kaka – which eventually routes through B.O.Y. 2.0’s backend team… 

Assam may share its border with Bhutan; however, the bikers share a bond that surpasses all geography!

Bongaigaon’s Boroland Riders and Bhutan’s Gelephu Motorcycle Club are siblings of different mother(land)s! The Gelephu MC insists the Boroland Riders to bring Kaka over… Kaka cannot believe what he is hearing and brushes it away as a joke.

But the bikers don’t register that…

With all permissions ticked, they ask Kaka to make a move and follow them. Kaka obliges, in disbelief. In his head, he visualises another visit to the international border like that at the Indo-Bangladesh one. But, today is a new day!

The group stops at Maokhola, the steel bridge that leads India towards Bhutan. A lot of pictures are taken. 

Kaka is mentally prepared to take a U-turn any moment. Instead, the Boroland Riders lead ahead, towards the entry gate of Bhutan!

Kaka is asked to pull up the face mask. A security officer runs several tests for COVID-19 on Kaka (and all the bikers). He asks for documents – license, Aadhaar Card, Election Card, etc. Four Gelephu Motorcycle Club members are seen hovering around the security gate on the other side.

After a thorough check, the gates are opened for Kaka and in turn ReBirth’s Bharat Organ Yatra 2.0!

This national ride has transformed into an international one just by the efforts of Boroland Riders and Gelephu MC!

Once inside Bhutan, Kaka is felicitated by the Bhutanese bikers. Food flows in abundance as does their love and admiration!

The group spends the evening loitering around in the market square of Gelephu. Soon, it is time for Kaka to return. Thanking one another for this fantastic memory, a farewell is bid.

After dinner, Kaka calls up his friends in the village. They’ve gathered together, like every day, and wait for Kaka’s call to update him about their happenings and ask about his day. His friends keep repeating, “Dada, you may be roaming alone in India; but you are taking us along with you through your photos and stories!”

But Kaka has more addition to the list; he is jumping with joy to share today’s adventure. “…and the petrol there costs only 55/lt! I got my bike’s tank filled to the capacity!” 

Kaka’s innocent act of refilling petrol in Bhutan has turned into a deeper philosophy – now Bhutan is also a part of B.O.Y. 2.0 in spirit, along with ReBirth volunteers, bikers, and strangers!


Day 58

Alipurduar to Bongaigaon | 122

– Juhi Kothari/Shetty

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