B.O.Y.’s Fuel

Another early morning start for B.O.Y. 2.0. Kaka is scheduled for a 5am kickoff toward Kochi. It will be another cautious ride. Before dawn breaks, Kaka prepares to be thoroughly geared up.

The host and Kaka make the first pit stop: a chai shop! Chai is a religion in India and one must pay respect whenever a chance arises! They sip hot chai on a cool morning and bid each other a goodbye.

Once the odometer starts clocking, the beach joins Kaka throughout the journey. Kaka is riding on a coastal road, but a single lane highway.

It is the same story today too – patchy roads, settlements on either side of the highway, and alert senses. The bike’s headlight isn’t a match for the pitch dark morning. Kaka goes off the tar road a couple of times. The highway isn’t lined by the white stripes to caution vehicles. Without a guide, Kaka is unable to gauge the width of the road while manoeuvring turns. 

The unprepared offroading is an added challenge that Kaka needs to overcome while balancing the box of the bike and its speed. Like fish to water, Kaka swiftly fine-tunes his already alert senses and gets back onto the road. Things settle furthermore once the sun is out.

The journey is a tedious one; Kaka reaches Kochi at around 3pm and is received by the host. There are no events lined up for the day – rest is the priority for the day. The host and his wife have set up the place to make his stay comfortable.

It isn’t just petrol that is powering this journey. You’ve been introduced to chai already… Let’s meet the other factors too, here.

ReBirth conceptualised the Bharat Organ Yatra. Kaka eagerly volunteered to be the rightful face of the event. Mileage Munchers, a passionate bikers’ club, put their experienced heads together to chart out the best route. They also tapped the bikers’ community across the country to come together to support B.O.Y. 2.0. Various organisations pitched in with their network and some with monetary support. 

There are many teams and elements that are working in sync to make B.O.Y. 2.0 a reality. 

B.O.Y. 2.0’s machinery is elaborately networked but is beautifully oiled too! Only when people and organisations with the same goal come together does the cause move in the right direction. 

And B.O.Y. 2.0 has chosen its route – it only goes forward!

Day 10

Kozhikode to Kochi | 183 kms

– Juhi kothari / Shetty

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