Back on duty

41-year-old Ashutosh works in the police force. As a young boy, he loved working out. Running, exercising, and then spending the entire day on-field playing cricket was the schedule on holidays. This helped him during his entrance exams.

One day, he started experiencing distress. Constantly being in and out of infections, visiting allopathy doctors, seeking ayurvedic treatments, became the routine and he juggled all this with work.

Ashutosh shares with us… “The cause was not known. I was so confused. Nothing was going alright. I felt weak all the time… My doctor suspected the root cause was irregular lunch and dinner timings. He suggested I go for an endoscopy. “

“After my endoscopy, it became clear that my liver was damaged. I immediately started treatment. I also registered myself for Organ donation. Tablets, medications, numerous treatments… This kept going on for 3 years. After a point, medicines stopped working. The doctor told me that there was no other option left, and a liver transplant was a must. Being an Organ recipient is not an easy task. There is an immense gap between those awaiting organs and organ donors.”

“My health kept deteriorating… Weight decreased rapidly and I almost resembled a skeleton. I was in a frail condition, the last stage, if you may. I was admitted to a hospital at my native place.

This was not right. I did not want to believe this. I still had a long way ahead!

“It was then that I received a call from D. Y. Patil hospital, Chinchwad… A liver that matched all the necessary medical criteria was available. I was told to reach there in 4-5 hours. Despite my condition, we traveled to Pune, but could not reach in time due to the distance.

I lost my chance at a transplant.

I was admitted to the ICU in DPU. In those 8-10 days, yet another opportunity for transplant was lost as I was not in the condition for an operation.

“Finally, the day came. I was taken into the operation theatre…
They say my operation was very risky. Everyone was praying for me.”

“The operation was successful! I have no words for the doctors. Even at times like these, they were determined not to give up! I will always be grateful to the donor who saved my life. I too, want to donate my organs and give someone a chance at life.”

“It’s been 5 months since the transplant now. My strength has returned, even my weight is back to normal. My doctor said I’ve made a speedy recovery. The state of the patient’s mind has a huge impact on their condition. I believe that my will, my hope, and my fortune have brought me to this day. I am on a diet for the next few months and am advised not to lift heavy weights, etc. Medications are decreasing gradually. I rejoined have my duty.”

“I feel alive… Just like the old days spent on the field playing cricket…”
I have no words to express my feelings for the unknown donor… I believe I came across an angel.

– Sanika Tatke