‘Be A Solution Seeker’

A test of relationships isn’t the amount of time we’ve invested but the quality of time that is invested! And B.O.Y. 2.0 is serving as a case study for this!

Another last minute call to B.O.Y. 1.0’s connect has resulted in a fabulous show today. What existed to be an off-day yesterday has metamorphosed into a productive one today at Kochi, thanks to B.O.Y. 2.0’s competent backend team.
B.O.Y. 2.0 is exemplifying the trait of taking one step at a time despite the darkness around. Instead of giving up and giving in to blame games, ReBirth chooses to look at the larger picture and finds a way out! Organ donation awareness will be carried out, come what may.
B.O.Y. 2.0’s Super-Captain, Mahesh Goyal, digs out the relevant data and the right person to connect to; his diligence ensures not a second is wasted of either party. Within hours, an event is arranged at Kochi’s VPS Lakeshore Hospital – one of the topmost multispecialty hospitals in Kerala.

Kaka is welcomed by the hospital’s team comprising of S K Abdulla (CEO), Dr Mohan Mathew (Chief of Staff), Dr Georgy K Nainan (Nephrology), Dr George P Abraham (Urology), D K V Johny (Chairman, Executive Committee), and Jacob Mathew (Sr Manager, Administration). Kaka is led to hospital’s reception where a small crowd has assembled.
With doctors, specialists, nurses, and relatives of patients as the audience, Kaka talks briefly about B.O.Y. 2.0 and its motive. The gathering is funnelled toward a smaller room where a detailed discussion takes place between Kaka, the hosts – Mr Deepu Nair and Mr Godwin George, and the hospital’s elite team. The conversation spills over chai, biscuits, and experiences!

To show their support and belief, VPS Lakeshore Hospital flags off B.O.Y. 2.0 for the journey that awaits us!

Back at the host’s home, Kaka is fidgeting with the made-to-order jacket for his ride. Its elastic at the hem is bothersome – it doesn’t fit right and rides up the abdomen, dragging Kaka’s shirt along… It has been 11 days but Kaka hasn’t settled with the jacket. Because it carries the associations’ names, it is mandatory to wear the jacket. Kaka is struggling to rip the small stitches… Mr Deepu walks in…
Within minutes, both of them walk out happily! The struggle is vanquished smartly! Mr Deepu has cut the important piece of fabric off Kaka’s jacket and neatly glued it onto the main biking jacket’s back. The backend team is happy, the associate organisations are content, and Kaka is comfortable!

To top the happiness, two newspaper agencies interviewed Kaka for B.O.Y. 2.O. The articles are published in Malayala Manorama and Mathrubhumi.
Kochi has been a city of surprises. However, the credit must be given to the hard work of the backend team and the willingness of various organisations to accommodate and honour ReBirth’s B.O.Y. 2.0. Things may look insurmountable. But, if we really want to, we can always find a way.
If one wears green-tinted glasses, the world will appear green. If one wears pink-tainted glasses, even the blue skies shall appear a pinker shade. ReBirth has opted to wear solution-tinted glasses!

Day 011
Kochi, Kerala

– Juhi Kothari/Shetty

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