Donating an organ is like giving the gift of life. Donating organ is a wonderful way of forwading life. It is a great way of contributing to make someone’s life beautiful, every human being should make use of opportunity if they get for donating an organ. If you die healthy, they your organs would be perfect gift for someone’s life. And this vast treasure is called as humanity. No matter what power one belives in the unlimited power is the mind which human have to use to understand the value of donating an organ.

Do you know just one organ donor can save 8 lives. The number of lives a single organ donor can save. We should be a rainbow in someone’s life by giving them gift of life. Be a symbol of hope for those who are waiting. The idea is not to live forever it is just to help another live a little longer. Change the ending of someone’s story. Each day, about 55 to 60 people around receive an organ transplant , while other 10 to 12 people die due to lack of organs.

Remember if you donate an eye which can help someone to watch a sunrise for first time , donation of heart that beats in someone whose own heart could not, your lungs. that experience life with each breath then how amazing life one can live. I would just like to tell you that donate a life by donating an organ be an organ donate because that is very important as well as helpful process in someone’s life.

– Samiksha Kadam