Blurring Lines

When a recipient registers in a long queue for a donor organ, do you think they mention a preference?! This is one of those rare situations where caste, gender, social status, political views, educational qualifications, etc. are insignificant!

ReBirth’s Bharat Organ Yatra 2.0 is another such rarity! Strangers have come forward with their purest intentions. Let’s talk of today, as an example.

Rounak’s substitute – his biker friends, from Kishanganj Riders Club, insist on taking Kaka to visit the India-Bangaldesh border. Though a mere 21 kilometres away from Kishanganj, Kaka takes permission from the backend team for the detour and is on his way.

The guard stationed at the last checkpost a civilian can reach up to stops the group. On learning about B.O.Y. 2.0 and Kaka, a message is relayed to the chief of the camp. Kaka and gang are invited – with their bikes – to the main camp!

Tea is quickly laid for the special guests. The chief of the camp, Mr Rataneshwar Barua (Inspector, BSF at Bangladesh border) felicitates Kaka. With utter sincerity in his voice, he says, “आपका आौर हमारा तो खून का रिश्ता है! हमारे फौजी भाई को kidney जो donate की है आपने!”

Over cheers and applause, Kaka and group are led to the barbed-wire fence demarking the boundaries of the two countries…

A transnational river flows neutrally between the boundaries. Farmers from both the countries work on the banks. Every morning, the army checks the tools, equipments, animals, etc. that the farmers bring to work and allow them access through the fence. Once the day draws to an end, the people go back to their respective countries, but after a thorough check by the army!

Kaka is allowed to park his bike at the border-fence for a photo-op.

He is thrilled; Bharat Organ Yatra 2.0 has reached international borders today!

Thanking the army profusely, Kaka and the bikers bid farewell gratefully. Kaka is back on the highway to West Bengal’s Siliguri. Two bikers from Teesta Thumpers Motorcycle Club – Souti Banerjee and Kumaj Joshi – have volunteered to host Kaka. 

While crossing Islampur via the highway, Kaka meets a festive procession. Dressed in bright colours of spring, the crowd is celebrating the festival of Holi. 

Kaka stops to enjoy the merriment. He clicks photographs, with due permission of the subjects. Without the need of a conversation, one of them smears gulaal on Kaka’s forehead, thus making him a part of the procession! Blissfully then, Kaka continues his ride…

Souti joins Kaka on the highway; together, they reach Siliguri at lunch. Then onward, Kunal steps in to relive Souti for his professional commitment. A live interview is scheduled at Siliguri. Kaka and Kunal reach the spot.

Khabar Samay hosts a fantastic interview. They have managed to invite another kidney donor, Mr Vikash Parek, to be a part of the interview. Together, Mr Vikash and Kaka are solid role models as organ donors (having donated their kidney 5 years and 20 years ago, respectively)! Mr Kailashji (Marwadi Brahman Vikas Parishad) and Mr Rahul Sinha (Co-convenor, Bhartiya Shikshan Mandal, Darjeeling) felicitate Kaka for his life choices.

Just as a donor organ adapts to the new body to become one, a generous pinch of humanity can be a common factor in our daily lives! If any biker happens to be in trouble in Malda, Kishanganj, Siliguri, or Alipurduar, Kunal and Souti turn knights in shining armour for them. We must learn this quality from bikers – if they spot a person struggling on the road, they dive in – no questions asked / no explanations needed!

Coexistence is a possibility. ReBirth and Mileage Munchers have put together Bharat Organ Yatra 2.0 as a classic case study for the world to experience!

Day 052
Kishanganj to Siliguri | 118 kms
– Juhi Kothari/Shetty

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