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Flag off done…. Now let’s get to know our team

The protagonist – The Star …. PRESSTI MASKE

Ms. Preeti Maske

The woman who doesn’t want to do the feat of cycling from Kashmir to Kanyakumari for fame or having a world record in her name….. She wants to do this to reach 15—20 crore people and spread awareness about organ donation to do her bit for the needy whose precious lives can be saved by getting the organs well in time …

Along with her is her team who is constantly supporting her to achieve this huge feat. 

  • Mr. Anand Kansal: 
    Based out of Pune, he is a person with over three decades of experience in the field of media. A cycling enthusiast, Anand Kansal is helping Preeti to become the fastest endurance cyclist in Asia.
  • Colonel Rajesh Datta:
    Col Rajesh Datta SM took up cycling and running 3 years back after serving the nation working for the Indian Army for 37 years. Having been associated with Preeti for her past two endeavors – the Tour De Kailash Cycling Expedition and the Leh To Manali Walking Expedition – he’s back with her to support her for the K2K cycling mission. He says “Just because Preeti is a woman she doesn’t need to have any problems”
  • Mr. Mohan Singh Bhandari  :
    An athlete, swimmer, cyclist, travel buff, adventure lover, and a photographer … Basically hailing from Almoda Uttarakhand… he is accustomed to the uncertainty of the terrain and is there to help with whatsoever it be for the success of K2K
  • Mr.Sandeep Shelar :
    An enthusiast from Urali Kanchan, Pune. He’s the one behind the steering wheel navigating Preeti towards the successful completion for K2K.
  • Ms. Rituja Maske :
    A daughter who has already crew supported her mom in Golden Quadrilateral 6000 km cycling expedition in 24 days 6 hrs and now ready to support in k2k. She’s a 22 year young girl working as a team lead in Amazon who also likes to play the guitar. Indeed a great pillar of support for the record aiming mom….

Day 1 – Kashmir 

Preeti and the team’s first day in Kashmir was a busy day meeting people….they met the J&K Traffic Police officials, Media Reprensentatives, Locals, Mr. Aseem and Mr. Wasim Mallik of Chaku Craft .

Snow clad Srinagar, heavy rains, Landslides between the two tunnels and the road filled with pot holes (or the road between the potholes) were the majority of the of many reasons causing the roads to be closed and unfortunately the mission could not start on the scheduled time.

To enable Preeti to ensure safe cycling in this rough and dangerous terrain an MTB has been arranged. All the possible hindrances and problems have been anticipated and everyone is ready to face them for the noble cause

Everyone is all ready and charged to start this mission …..Before you all read this article a historic expedition will already have been started….

Challenges are what make life interesting….. overcoming them is what makes it meaningful

Original Blog By : Kavita Pipada
English Translation By : Girija Shirurkar