Ekla Cholo Re

The 188 km road is strewn with a chunk of roadblocks. What seemed to be a fairly easier route is buried under rubble. “Road constructions delay our today only for a better future.” B.O.Y. 2.0 moves on, albeit a little slower…

Soon enough, in alignment with the revised time, the salt in the air hits Kaka. The humid breeze joins and escorts him to a famous place. Kaka is welcomed to the state of Goa by a Konkani lunch! All the troubles encountered on the way dissipate. Yes, food is that incredible! It makes you experience bliss… On a side note, we’ll share more about Kaka and his food philosophy some other day.

The schedule for the first day in Goa is intentionally kept at minimum. Kaka speaks about organ donation, ReBirth, and B.O.Y. 2.0 to a local channel. And as a mark of respect, is felicitated at Royal Enfield’s showroom for also being ‘Made Like A Gun’! *

Kaka is up, bright and early, for his second day at Goa. He excitedly awaits information for the day’s agenda. Winding up his breakfast super quick, he is ready to be on the move of making a difference. Alas! He is met with no news. The planning hasn’t materialised. In other words, Kaka has a forced day-off.

Cheerful, he pulls out his smartphone – a gadget that he learnt to use during B.O.Y. 1.0! Sitting at the edge of his bed, the scrolling game begins…

In the next nanosecond, he smiles and makes a move. He types something furiously… when content with his efforts, he keeps the phone away. He can’t help but peek every other minute.

The hands of the clock move torturously slow. Lunch crawls toward him. But the phone hasn’t lit alive. He tries again and waits…
His smartphone is being put to a smart use. His meticulousness has borne fruit. The pains he took in B.O.Y. (of of saving contact numbers with name of city) have shaped a smoother way for B.O.Y. 2.0; just like the ongoing construction of the highway he crossed…

He has reached out to last year’s contact of Goa who had helped him. And is leaving no stone unturned to open a door, even a tiny creak! He is trying in his own way to tap potential people who can spread the word about organ donation awareness, via B.O.Y. 2.0, exponentially!

His efforts don’t see the light of the day… the sun has set but his determination has not. Before calling it a day, he thanks the universe for another healthy day and the opportunity to be alive. And wishes with a belief that tomorrow will be a better day!

Day 005
Hubballi to Goa | 188 kms

– Juhi Kothari / Shetty

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