First Things First

The moment our alarm goes off, we determinedly get into a race against time. And as we fall asleep to the blue light of digital screens, we promise to lead a better day tomorrow. But when the alarm goes off the next morning, we blindly lose ourselves (again)!

The evolved animals that we are, we equip ourselves to smartly prioritise things (to feel less guilty of not completing them); the result of which transforms into a monstrous task – for example, piled up laundry for the weekend…
Let’s stop there!

It has been almost a month since Kaka left from his hometown to commence ReBirth’s Bharat Organ Yatra 2.0 (B.O.Y. 2.0). Despite the different distances that he must traverse every day and adjust to varied early-starts or late-starts, he has a fixed timetable for each day.

With so many permutations and combinations driving B.O.Y. 2.0, Kaka lives by a constant that remains unaffected come what may.

His typical day starts with a ride to a new city early in the morning, reaching the destination by afternoon, followed by being received by the host. Often, he breaks for lunch and rest. And some days have interviews / sessions lined up before he can even drink a glass of water!

Once he reaches his room, it is obvious that he must lie down and take a breather after a hectic travel…
Instead, he does the opposite!

He unpacks and heads straight to the bathroom. The first thing he does is wash his set of clothes – by hand – and hangs them to dry. Only once this is taken care of that he goes for lunch. The next morning, his freshly washed and dried clothes are ironed and ready to be worn!

A 68-year-old man insists on doing the seemingly small and least time-consuming chore before satiating pangs of hunger. You speak to him over the phone and the only stress he talks of is not being able to do more events in a day…

Isn’t it time for us to introspect? When we have the boon of machines, why do we allow small things to turn into mammoth tasks!?
It is wiser to walk ten steps everyday through the week than directly run a 400 metre sprint on the weekend!

Being a rest day in Puducherry, Kaka chooses to visit the beach near his lodge. He struggles to spot a dustbin to discard his chai’s paper cup. Confused, he observes the beach is unlittered but there are people around eating. That’s when he notices the difference… Once done, everyone is carrying back their waste/litter instead of dumping on the beach.

One small action today will save us from a major outbreak tomorrow!
One small change now will help us be a better person thence onward.

A small consent will enable gifting life tomorrow…!

Day 028
Salem to Puducherry | 218 kms
– Juhi Kothari/Shetty

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