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Sitting together to have a meal obviously means we are sharing a person’s company. But psychologically, there is more to eating together. According to a research, eating the same food suggests that we are willing to bring the same thing into our bodies…people immediately feel closer to someone eating the same food. And then trust and cooperation are just consequences..!

Bharat Organ Yatra 2.0 has reached Erode today. Kaka’s accommodation is a novel one for him – a Jain dharamshala. He can’t stop raving about the premises and the peace he feels around. He is served a Jain lunch at the dharamshala. A person who has been savouring fresh fish from the coasts of South India, he is surprisingly bowled over by the superb taste of the pure vegetarian, no-onion-no-garlic food.

The hosts, Mr Sunil Chopra and his wife Pinky Chopra, have invited Kaka for dinner at their place. Ms Pinky updates him about the next day’s programme while serving dinner. Dinner is served but the host, Mr Sunil, is unable to join because of ill-health. Kaka is about to begin when the hosts’ son – Laksh, a twelve year old – interrupts and asks permission to give Kaka company. 

“If papa is unable to eat with him, may I eat food with dadaji?” Laksh asks his mother referring to Kaka. Kaka pats the chair next to him, inviting Laksh for dinner.

Kaka and Laksh eat their dinner in the same plate… 

Conversations float from topics to experiences. Kaka relates his life journey as an organ donor. Somewhere in between, curiosity latches on. Laksh queries, “Will a person with high blood pressure be able to donate their organs?” Kaka shares the required information and the evening wanes on…

A kid, who hadn’t ever heard of the concept of organ donation, had a deep question about it after overhearing a discussion while sharing food. The openness that a plate of food offered had broken all reservations and hesitations.

Food has the intensity to overcome all differences. Nothing matters when a plate of food appears in front of a famished person. There is no religion, no discrimination, and no boundaries that crop up. 

In times of need of an organ, all differences vanish. There is no religion, no discrimination, and no boundaries that crop up.

Why, then, do we otherwise fight amongst each other at every instigation and provocation? Why not look at the other side where every religion promotes kindness and humanity! And what better act than saving another life! B.O.Y. 2.0 pledges to help in all means possible…

Day 020
Coimbatore to Erode | 100 kms

– Juhi Kothari/Shetty

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