Head up and Heart strong!

Total Travel on Day 5 : 280 kilometers

Total cycling time : approximately 17-18 hours

Total Travel until now: 1800 kilometers

Route : Sagar(bypass)-Linga-Narsinghpur-Seoni(Bypass)

States crossed  : Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan, and a part of Madhya Pradesh

The morning of 17th February 2023 was a pleasant one .. a bit cool but as the sun started climbing the heat in the air started rising too… Preeti wet her jacket and head gear every single time she took a small break for rest.

The roads were in pristine condition as the route was through the national highways… Preeti started her mission in extremely low temperatures and now is in the middle of the country facing high temperatures.. it did take some time for her and the team to adjust to the heat. Preeti has adjusted to the heat by wetting her clothes while cycling. 

Having been riding on the national highway meant a lot of traffic… the red flag bought earlier by the team came very handy to manage the traffic to ensure Preeti had a safe road to ride…

Night fell… after some time Preeti realized that her left knee was hurting… and she donned the knee cap…yet the hurting was persistent .. even the pain meds did not make any significant difference… she continued to ride through  the night with the pain… overcoming the pain.. when the pain was unbearable she took a break.

At one point of time she even At one point of time she even walked with the cycle … The team applied some pain balm and she hopped back on the cycle… around 4 in the morning, she decided to take rest. After around 3 hours of sleep, she felt a lot better and the journey on the cycle began again….. the team has bought enough stock of pain meds and pain relieving lotions and sprays… Now their aim is to reach Nagpur as soon as possible…

Continuous cycling… insufficient sleep … less intake as compared to the efforts (Preeti has been burning around 10000 calories everyday and her intake is only around 2000-3000 calories) and the change in weather (from extreme cold to heat) has taken a toll on Preeti… the team now has spoken to her personal nutritionist and are going to follow all instructions given to them for maintaining Preeti’s physical health.

All Preeti sees is the destination of Kanyakumari… She has taken up this humongous task to spread awareness about Organ Donation… she sees the difficulties the needy face when they don’t receive the organs…. She’s firm on her intent and SHE’S GOING TO MAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Pain isn’t pain when it has a purpose

Original Blog By : Kavita Pipada

English Translation By : Girija Shirurkar