Heroes in the world of Organ Donation and cycling…!

As the Forest Department honors our crew and reminds us of the heroic feat being accomplished, Day 4 arrives with garlands and some well-deserved rest

Day 4

No. of kms covered: 342

No. of hours ridden: 17.5 hours

Cities covered: Ajmer-Kishangarh bypass-Dantri-Dudu-Bagru-Jaipur-Bassi-Dausa-Mandoli-Sewar-Bharatpur

States travelled: Gujarat-Rajasthan-Uttar Pradesh

Today let’s meet the caregiver of story’s hero (read: bicycle). Let me introduce our crew technician Mr. Sumit Mokal. 

36 years old and a resident of Dombivli Mumbai, Sumit has been a cyclist since the age of 14. He turned pro around the age of 19/20 and has competed at State and National level competitions. Post his 10th grade, he attempted a Diploma in Automobile engineering. However, the sudden demise of his father and resultant financial constraints halted his educational journey. He has worked at Decathalon (7-8 years), followed by 2 years in Trek Bikes and lastly at Scott Sports India Pvt Ltd where he was the warranty officer and product specialist. He oversaw the west zone and provided technical support, guidance, technician training, and spare parts availability to the dealers. He is now the proud owner of his own highly equipped cycle workshop and once his finances are in place he dreams of owning a hire cycle shop. 

“Cycling is my passion and being a cycling technician is my profession!” he exclaims with the gusto of a human whose dreams have already come to fruition. 

“Preeti’s cycle has been functioning well so far. Every morning before we set off, I check the essentials like tyre pressure, breaks, wheel alignment, cleaning and lubricating the chain to keep the cycle in perfect working condition.” explains Mr. Sumit. 

And that brings us to Day 4. It started off on an auspicious note when our crew was hospitably welcomed by the Forest Department officials at their branch office in Jhalana Doongri. A number of officials and locals interacted with them and inquired in detail about our expedition and the organ donation awareness cause. Mr. Ghanshyam spent considerable time explaining the same. Our crew was provided refreshments followed by a photo session and finally honored with garlands. It was a moment of immense pride for all of us!

Since the forest officials had packed lunch too for them, the crew only stopped for about 45 minutes on the side of the highway and partook it quickly. Except a short chai break, the crew rode nonstop as today they were racing against time. Their night halt was scheduled at a hotel in Bharatpur as arranged by Preeti’s cyclict friend Mr. Yogesh Bansal. Hence the dogged run as they had to cover the targeted distance at any cost. 

Our crew reached the hotel at 10.30 pm where they were met by their host Mr. Yogesh. After an appetizing meal, Ms. Preeti and Ms. Nivedita spent the night at his house while the rest of the crew rested at the hotel. 

“Having spent 2 nights at the petrol station, this was a positively luxurious experience! We also got a good night’s sleep as we reached quite early compared to our usual halt time” Mr. Sumit happily mentions. 

It is so heartening to learn how humans like Mr. Sumit have found their calling and are pursuing it with vengeance from such a young age. No wonder they dedicate major portions of their lives to such vital causes. It is only a happy and fulfilled heart that can further change the lives of others. 

Taking a leaf out of the Forest Department’s gesture, let’s honor our crew, the heroes who have set out to save lives in ways they cannot even begin to comprehend. 

Blog by- Arohi Bhimajiani