I Don’t Have To Be A Doctor To Save A Life!

People are waking up to the mounting need of the hour. Awareness about organ donation is being taken up by individuals, NGOs, Corporate Houses, and the government alike. The society is acknowledging its importance while families are sensitising to the practical approach to deal with inevitable death.

Statistics only show improvements in successful donations and transplants. Numbers, however, also show that the common man is sucked in a vacuum when it comes to understanding the complexities and conditions of organ donation. Another emerging need, thus, is to fill this communication gap.

Rebirth, an NGO, aims to become the piece which will complete this jigsaw puzzle. Pune, as a city, boasts of speciality hospitals, internationally certified doctors, excellent infrastructure, and well connected roads. The only glitch is the donor/recipient getting the right information in the precious time available.

There was a case registered in the city where a brain-dead patient was ready but justify the world before timely help could reach. Each human life is invaluable. Let us pledge not to waste any life due to negligence or lack of timely information and resources.

For organ recipients, a transplant often means a second chance at life. Vital organs such as the heart, pancreas, liver, kidneys and lungs can be transplanted to those whose organs are failing. It allows many recipients to return to a normal lifestyle. For others, a cornea or tissue transplant means the ability to see again or the recovery of mobility and freedom from pain.

The act of organ donation has the ability to comfort grieving families. It is always difficult to lose a loved one. Many grieving families of organ donors draw comfort from the fact that their loss may help to save or improve the lives of others.

In the year 2016 alone, Pune saw 59 cases of successful organ donations, the highest in Maharashtra. Only a highly efficient team can pull off such feats. The entire process involves counselling (for the family of the brain-dead patient), certifications from doctors of patient being brain-dead, finding the perfect recipient(s) for the organ(s), and arranging the green corridor with the help and coordination between the police, donor’s hospital, and recipient’s hospital. Around 80% people involved in this critical process are women. On this International Women’s Day, Rebirth spoke to few of these superwomen of Pune and made a documentary to felicitate their relentless efforts. Do watch the video here.

Rebirth wishes to play a part in the world of organ donation, however miniscule.

After launching a highly informative website along with a toll-free helpline number in the presence of the movers and shakers of the city, Rebirth has its goals set high – to convert the two digit figures of organ donations in Pune to four digits within a year. But these will only be achieved with your help; we alone cannot succeed.

We will be happy to help you for any assistance. Log onto www.rebirthtrust.org for more information or call us on 18002747444 for any queries. Thanks in advance for your co-operation and also for trusting us.

One step from you will have a ripple effect that no one knows how far will be felt

By JUHI KOTHARI (Nationally Acclaimed Author / Writer)


  • Apurva Patwa March 11, 2017 1:32 pm

    Wow.. amazing write up Juhi.. Definately if we work as a team we will achieve our 4digit target..

  • Vikas Bhandari March 11, 2017 1:40 pm

    I wish all the best to team rebirth

  • Dr zirpe kapil March 11, 2017 2:40 pm

    I must congratulate you for such a informative website. Crystal clear & unbias information at one site. Continue good work for social cause. Best luck.

  • Satya Sharma March 11, 2017 2:47 pm

    Agree with everything in this article.

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