‘If Not You, Who?’

Bharat Organ Yatra 2.0’s morning in Chennai is filled with unanswered rings…

As per schedule and commitment, Kaka is supposed to attend a press interview today morning. Kaka is dressed for the occasion – jacket, knee and shin guards, boots, et al! The office is approximately 30-35 kms away from his lodge but it will take him a good 1.5 hours battling the Chennai traffic. Just to confirm the meet, the host calls up the concerned person. The call remains unanswered…

All the following attempts go unanswered. Phone numbers change to reach the interviewer but the outcome is the same – unanswered calls! That’s when an S.O.S. call is made to the Pune team. The current captain, Indumathi Argi, is quick as a fox to receive the plea. 

Dexterously, she finds different sources to reach the interviewer but in vain. Other than volunteering at ReBirth, she is a homemaker as well as a professional tutor. While juggling the roles of her life and shuttling between two tuition batches, she manages to overlook the journey of B.O.Y. 2.0 like a hawk!

Between stirring food and almost burning her fingers, she makes at least a hundred calls (no exaggeration, here!) to the Chennai office for the press interview. The efforts remain fruitless… 
Appalled and livid, Kaka cannot believe the unprofessionalism he has witnessed. 

The host, Mr Yogesh, jumps in to save the day! He calls up his contacts to fix up an interview.

In no time, a crew member turns up to interview Kaka about his biking journey for B.O.Y. 2.0 and the experience so far. Despite being a biking magazine, Motor Vikatan highlights the cause of organ donation. The magazine pledges to spread the word about organ donation awareness done in a novel way in their weekly edition.

As the evening draws, Kaka meets the person who was originally supposed to be hosting him – Mr Shivprasad. Mileage Munchers had approached Shivprasad, well in advance, to look after Kaka for his duration in Chennai. An unexpected assignment required Shivprasad to go out of town when Kaka came to town! Without causing any disorder for B.O.Y. 2.0’s backend team functioning from Pune, he reached out to his friend – Yogesh – who had never heard of organ donation, ReBirth, Kaka, or Mileage Munchers to host Kaka! And guess what, Yogesh consented right away. 

Shivprasad’s absence made no difference for Kaka’s superb stay in Chennai. Yogesh has risen to the occasion resourcefully! 

18 months ago, ReBirth didn’t know who Mileage Munchers are.

18 months ago, Mileage Munchers didn’t know who Kaka is.

Kaka doesn’t know who Shivprasad and Yogesh are.

Shivprasad and Yogesh don’t know what organ donation is.

Yet, the nobility of the cause is that secret ingredient which cements this team’s bond like we know each other since ages!

There will always be moments urging you to make a move. Do ponder – 

‘If not now, when? If not you, who?!’

Here is your chance to make a difference, now! Pledge your consent of being an organ donor

Day 031
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
– Juhi Kothari/Shetty

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