Let’s live life more than the probability

One always dreams about future and the probability about how to lead a successful and happening life. Death is something we never question or discuss, have you heard someone asking, “what if a rocket lounged from NASA fails its system and losing its control the rocket land on your car’ well jokes apart but have you ever thought that if a person meets any kind of accident how will you be helpful to him/her.

There was a quote I read, after I die I’m buried I will not. If I’m burnt I will become ash but if my body is donated I will live to give life and happiness to many.”

This is an ultimate truth; there is no harm in donating one’s body. If such situation surround a person who has accepted to donate organ, will be helped or will be helpful. It’s a win-win situation from both the sides. Death is going to knock everyone’s door one day, but for few people we might save them by keeping the door shut.

I saw this serious “Breath” staring R. Madhavan. He played the character of a father whose son was in desperate need a lung transplant. In a scene he was shown begging the patients relative present in hospital to fill the form for organ donation, so patients like his son get to survive. That was when I realized that how my body will be important and useful even after the death.

Yet in India “Mukti” is what everyone wants and funerals are very important in any culture. Those people who had organ donation, will not have any kind of interference for the burial arrangement, it is considered as a myth. Hence, the soul will get mukti, I guess!

One more questions that rose what if there will be side effects on health after the donation. Myth alert, doctors have said a person will be recovered in short-term period of 2-7 days and return to their per-donation health. This means, living with organ donation is safe!

Huge misunderstanding nationally is, organ donation being unnecessary in India but the truth is nearly 300 deaths happen because of organ failure, 95 million deaths annually were reported. There are at least 1 lakh potential donors, however less than 200 actually become donors.

I believe “It’s always better to give yourself, to those in need an elixir of life by pledging your organ.”

– Avani Redij