Make a Difference

Bringing in 2020’s International Women’s Day for B.O.Y. 2.0 is Malda host, Kaushik and Pooja’s mom. Early, at 7:30 am, in the morning, she has cooked delicious Poha as a parting gift to Kaka. Memories of his village brew in Kaka’s heart as he eats a mouthful of poha garnished with fresh coriander! Thanking the hosts for this lovely farewell, Kaka reaches the next milestone on the highway to Kishanganj – a press interview.

The newspaper reporter notes down Kaka’s experiences and backstory. Once done, Kaka gears up to battle the dusty roads of the highway. The narrow roads are in a bad condition; heavy traffic only makes the situation worse. Kaka’s bike’s digital odometer reads a speed of 27 km/hr for fourteen kilometres! His patience is being tested by the dust and overhead sun.

Overtaking the snail-pace moving trucks, Kaka reaches a deadlock. A convoy of military trucks are in the jam too. 

A few military officers hop out of the truck seeing an old man on a bike with an extra big box. On querying, they get all the answers. Asking Kaka’s permission, they haul the bike in a swift movement and tenderly lay it down on the narrow dirt track off the highway. They guide him to go safely on it to avoid the congestion. The military officers salute Kaka as a farewell for donating his kidney to one of their men 20 years ago!

The host, Rounak meets him in Raigunj, on the way, and apologises for not being present through the remainder of the day due to an accident of his car… Rounak has informed his friends to look after Kaka. Kaka takes a moment to talk with him and asks him to take care of business…

Soon, Kaka enters Bihar and registers an immediate change. The contrast in the infrastructure is stark! Bihar welcomes him with two flyovers back-to-back – something that he hasn’t crossed in the entire day today! 

Kaka had left from Malda at 9 am and reaches Kishanganj, at a distance of 149 kilometres, at around 4 pm! The roads and infrastructure have been pivotal. 

When a harvested organ speeds on a green corridor, the road conditions make a difference. 

On hearing the ambulance’s siren, when you give way, you make a difference!

By genuinely encouraging someone’s efforts, you make a difference to their confidence.

Instead of treating women differently on Women’s Day, if we see them as equals every day, it’ll eventually make a difference in the society!

Just like we gather in masses for celebrating a festival, how about we do the same when someone like Kaka visits our city? It will make a difference!

If you choose to, you CAN make a difference!

Rounak’s absence has been superbly compensated by his friends. Stepping in for their friend in need, they have, unknowingly, made a difference in B.O.Y. 2.0’s journey today! 

Day 051
Malda to Kishanganj | 149 kms
– Juhi Kothari/Shetty


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