Myth-Buster Superhero

“Why is someone born without eyes, a kidney, or an organ defect? … My grandmother used to say that they must have not taken care of that part in their previous birth; hence, they suffer in this birth.”

Superstitions like these seem to be time-travelling and rigidly prevailing! Haven’t we heard such things in our lives, too? Kaka has reached Hubballi today. Events are queued up for B.O.Y 2.0. Because B.O.Y. 2.0 has been planned well in advance, many people in the cities it will be travelling through are aware of the journey and, by default, Kaka. As Kaka enters the city escorted by his host, people seem to be halting in their way to look at him. Kaka acknowledges their presence and riveted interest. But, he is puzzled by Hubballi locals’ welcome. They wear a look of shock, some of surprise, some of wonder, a few of admiration, and the rest of disbelief…

Soon, things clear for Kaka. The myths about organ donation seemed to have dictated the city of Hubballi until now. The moment Kaka and B.O.Y. 2.0 reached Hubballi, a positive outlook has enveloped its citizens.

If we were to generalise, so many people have heard about the ‘One Must Not Do This’ related to organ donation, but only a handful know the facts. Awareness about organ donation can be done in many creative ways. But when a donor speaks about the act, the concept suddenly finds its gravity!

“I believe in doing first and then talking,” declares Kaka.

Imagine the magic one experiences when they witness a man who is not only 68-years-old but also healthy for a 17500 km solo bike ride after donating his kidney to a stranger (18 years ago)!


If I donate my organs, I will be born without them in my next birth.


By that logic, if we give away money in our lifetime, we will not have any in our next lifetime! Organs
are destroyed anyway when one is buried, cremated, etc. The physical body does not survive death;
so the organs hold no relevance even if one believes in the concept of next birth;

Hubballi is prepared for receiving B.O.Y. 2.0 through every possible sense – they have a radio interview recorded to run on repeat, live sessions in colleges, and press meet with local channels. Its people are leaving no stone unturned to change the scenario of organ donation. B.O.Y. 2.0’s objective isn’t about setting new records. We want to show, not just tell, people that organ donation is safe! ReBirth has no better proof than the gritty Kaka on his customised bike.

Day 003
Kolhapur to Hubballi | 207 kms

– Juhi Kothari / Shetty

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