All of us can donate organs after our death.

FACT: Only in case of brain death, organs can be donated. Only the corneas and skin can be donated, in case of natural death.

The organ donor's family is charged for donating/donation.

FACT: The Organ Donors family are never charged for any procedures involved while donating the organs.

Families are not allowed to see the body after organ donation.

FACT: Families are allowed to see if they express their desire to see the body.

Organ Donation leaves the body disfigured.

FACT: The organ donation procedure is carried out by specialists in the operation theatre and the body is treated with utmost care. There is no reason that the body is disfigured.

If I agree to donate my organs, the hospital staff won’t work hard to save my life.

FACT: When you go to the hospital for treatment, doctors focus on saving your life – not somebody else’s. You’ll be seen by a doctor whose speciality most closely matches your particular situation. The doctor in charge of your care has nothing to do with transplantation.

I’m too old to donate. Nobody would want my organs.

FACT: There is no defined cut off age for doanting organs. There are cases when organs have been successfully transplated from donors in their 70s and 80s. The decision to use your organs is based on strict medical criteria, not age.

Once I become an organ donor I can never change my mind.

FACT: You always have the option to change your mind. You can withdraw your registration by informing the registry, tear up your organ donor card and let your family know that you have changed your mind.