No Worries No Doubt Preeti is just peddling out!!!

Total Travel on day 7  : 380 kilometers

Total cycling time : approximately 22 hours

Route :   Hinganghat-Pandharkawada-Penganga Bridge-Ichoda(Bypass)-Nirmal-Soan Bridge (Godavari River)

States crossed  : Jammu and Kashmir, Hariyana, Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan ,Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra

From Maharashtra to Telangana State…

Preeti has now entered the state of Telangana and has started riding in India’s southern region.

Now the mission is to reach Hyderabad by nightfall…

Preeti rested at a petrol pump in Nagpur and was ready to take on another challenge… the challenge of riding in extremely hot weather.

A few changes have been made in the team – Shri. Sunil Kukde and Shri Rohit Malviya have been added to the team in Nagpur. Shri Mohan Singh Bhandari has travelled to Chennai by train and will rest in Chennai . He will join the team when they reach Chennai.

Fortunately the hurting knee isn’t causing any more issues and Preeti’s speed has also increased. She’s feeling the heat yet she’s been cycling all day and hasn’t taken a break apart from one break for lunch.

The team has been striving hard to ensure that the heat does not cause any harm to Preeti. .. They have been loading her with nimbu paani and coconut water to maintain the hydration. At times the team had to practically force her to drink up…. And Preeti doesn’t mind at all…. From today onwards she intends to ride more in the night and take rest in the day during peak hot periods….

This mission was planned only a month and a half in advance… this did not really allow Preeti to practice much which has taken a toll on her for sure…

Had she been able to practice more … may be she could have done the K2K within a much shorter time frame….

Preeti would have reached Hyderabad by the time this write up reaches you….

Preeti’s mission of cycling from Kashmir to Kanyakumari  for the noble cause of Organ Donation has been covered by Maharshtra Times Nagpur edition . An article about this has been published in the Maharshtra Times on Sunday. She has also been interviewed by Radio City Nagpur and this also will be aired soon.

Preeti  has concentrated all her time and efforts to make this mission successful so there are more people aware of organ donations and more lives can be saved…

And we are so very sure she is going to achieve it…!

Every great dream begins with a dreamer…. 

Original Blog By : Kavita Pipada
English Translation By : Girija Shirurkar