Not limiting my challenge, Challenging my Limits !!

Total Distance: 215 Kilometres

Route: Sagauli, Khushi Nagar, Hata, Mathpar, Gorakhpur, Khalidabad

At 5:15 in the morning started the journey towards Delhi. Having entered the Indian territory the phone was reachable. Preeti was a bit relaxed as the journey ahead was in known territory. But Preeti and challenges have a special relationship. The saddle bag at one point of time fell off the cycle. She took almost one hour to get the bag set again on the carrier. Sometime later the cycle’s tyre punctured. She hopped back on the cycle as soon as she got the puncture repaired.

She lost her way after it started raining. Looking for the correct way on Google maps and getting back on the right route took some more time of Preeti’s. Sometime later her cycle’s tyre punctured again…….. some more time lost… It was still raining…. She reached Khushinagar…. Members of the Rotary Club from Khushinagar specially made it a point to go meet Preeti and felicitated her appropriately. Preeti shared her intent behind her mission and it was greatly appreciated by the Rotary Club members from Khushinagar

Preeti started her further journey and reached Khalidabad. There she was greeted by Rotarion Dr. Soni. He took Preeti for lunch at hotel Soni International in Khalidabad. Dr. Soni’s daughter had specially gotten her young son meet Preeti and they enquired about her mission. They wished her all the very best for her journey forward.

Original Blog By : Kavita Pipada
English Translation By : Girija Shirurkar