Old parts can give New Life

When you get the opportunity to bring back happiness in some body’s life after you are not alive, it is like you are worthy enough even after your death.

When I heard about Organ Donation from the Rebirth Volunteer it was like I always wanted to do such a great work but was not aware of this.

A blind person is not living a life like us ,his imaginary life is missing colours, his touch and others sound is only what he has.

If my eyes after donation will give a colourful life to a blind or make him lead an actual life instead of his imaginary one, then such a donation is worth giving .

A person is not healthy if any of his important organs are not working. He is living an incomplete and painful life.

If I after enjoying my life to the fullest donate important organs after my death to the needy, it will be like My old is Gold for someone.

Donation by Money can be done anytime during my lifetime, but organ donation is only one time opportunity after death. And this opportunity will earn me blessings from so many hearts.

The thought of donation sowed seed in my brain when i heard the real experience of my friend whose both Cornea were damaged because of Corneal ulcers. A girl who led a life full of brightness and colours , suddenly the colours from her life started fading and there was complete darkness. Very difficult to lead a life where your only feeling is to see the world again as you have already seen it and now you feel caged in a dark room.

She went for Corneal transplants as a donor had already donated his eyes and her new life was like a reset to her present life and soon went back again to her beautiful old life. My Friend now is leading a happy life with new parts, which were old and of no use to the donor .Every morning she opens her eyes and keep thanking the donor and his family for giving back a colourful life to her.

This is called What is Old for Someone is New to Someone. They therefore say Old parts can give New Life .

Now as I have already registered for organ donation ,I keep spreading this good word of good deed of a good cause to every good being. But as I do this ,there are a lot of myths which are there in many minds. I try to clear them positively and explain them logically as many are related to religious and cultural beliefs. As the world is progressing ,our thought process should also keep changing for the best.

Our Life will be Best only if we think about the Rest.

– Dr. Priyanka Jain