Positive thoughts breed positive results…!

As Preeti and crew journey on their worthy expeditions, they are bestowed with blessings in the most fascinating ways. Read on to learn more.

Day 6

6th November 2022

No. of kms covered: 261 (Total 1911 kms)

No. of hours ridden: 20 hours

Cities covered: Unnao-Lucknow-Kamta-Kasbai Ichouli-Chandali-Matauli-Ayodhya-Basti

States travelled: Gujarat-Rajasthan-Uttar Pradesh

On Day 6 the sun rose on a heartwarming note. Our crew started off at 6.40 am and within some time came across a small teashop off the highway. On closer inspection they realised it was actually a house. Seated outside was an elderly chacha called Raja Ram on a charpoy with a stove close by. Our crew asked if they could buy some tea to which he replied of course!

He then prepared the most delicious and unique lemon grass tea refreshing our crew members for the next leg of their journey. When he was told about the expedition and ReBirth, he bade them farewell with an inspiring message. “I wish God blesses Preeti with strength. She is a source of inspiration for our sisters and daughters. I hope news of your expedition travels far and wide, creates awareness and motivates people towards it.” he said with love. He is now embedded in our crew’s memory with immense warmth.

Next up was their ride through Lucknow city, which was utterly joyful. There was bare minimum traffic, lovely views and Preeti enjoyed her ride thoroughly at a good speed. Their entourage generated tons of curiosity and interest from the local onlookers. People peppered them with questions and clicked pictures. Some local journalists took a short interview too!

Then arrived the biggest blessing yet. Mr. Ravi Chaturvedi (DGM Operation & Maintenance, PNC Infratech) was travelling with his wife Mrs. Arunima Chaturvedi and Mr. Anand Kumar to Gorakhpur. They greeted our crew, welcomed, and honoured Preeti with garlands and interacted with everyone. Our crew gifted them with the ReBirth t-shirts and chatted about their expedition.

Mr. Ravi’s next gesture is what our crew will bless him for the rest of their trip. He arranged for our crew’s food, lodging, freshening up and sleeping at all the Tolls up till Siliguri! All the crew needs to do is inform the Toll  on our route halt in advance of their requirements and it shall all be promptly provided.

Our crew thanked him earnestly, but he said he truly wished to do this for their expedition and cause.

“This arrangement will prove to be a huge boon for us, as it will save tons of time at every halt. It is what cyclists dream of. We will now move from toll to toll for all our requirements.” exclaims a thrilled Mr. Ghanshyam

They stopped for lunch at the PNC Kanpur Toll Plaza, where they rejuvenated themselves with showers, lunch and a long nap. The arrangements were excellent. After 2-3 hours, they resumed their journey at 5.30 pm.

A punctured tyre resulted in an unplanned halt at around 9.30 in the night. This was at Ayodhya near a couple of hotels. The crew waited as the crew technician repaired the tyre. Meanwhile they interacted with some localities and hotel owners who showed interest in their expedition. 30-40 minutes later they were off again.

They continued without break and reached their target night halt at Basti Toll at 2.30 am where warm beds and a hot piping dinner awaited them.

Mr. Ghanshyam tells us how people usually react to Preeti and her retinue. “They first perambulate the car, noting all the information and illustrations. When their curiosity peaks, they look for someone to speak to. As our driver Mr. Sandeep is usually around the car, he becomes their first point of contact. Then I step in as the questions increase. Some of them proceed to click pictures with Preeti and speak to all of us. Incase a couple of shy ones are hesitant; we offer to click pictures with them/for them. It’s a fun, heartening and enriching experience for all of us.”

A long day indeed for Preeti and her crew. Yet a fulfilling and blessed one indeed. May they be showered with many more such gems.

Blog by: Arohi Bhimajiani