A marathon takes place every other month. What’s so interesting about it anyway, nowadays?
Well, we’ve had enough of the long distances, the coveted medal(s), and the ticking clock. Maybe, runners enjoy these. But what about the remaining hundreds, if not thousands? What’s in a marathon for them?!
Allow this thought to sink in – what if there’s a marathon which isn’t a marathon! Piqued your curiosity? Read further.
ReBirth Foundation, an NGO working on the awareness of Organ Donation, believes that the human body is gift which can and should be passed on. While we have this gift to ourselves, let’s build it healthier. Fitness is one of the very few ideas that bring health and happiness together. To exploit this concept, ReBirth presents Rangathon…
Rangathon is a unique and fun family run. It isn’t about the distance and definitely not about the timing! All that it is about is colours and celebrations. Just a 5k run, Rangathon is created to ensure that any and every one can be a part of this thrill. Each kilometer greets you with a new experience – vibrant colours, drizzle of water, dhol-tasha, blindfolds, etc. Also, there’s a twist to Rangathon…

Rangathon’s 5k will be under the starry skies of Amanora accentuated by glow-in-the-dark accessories.
The event will begin in the lawns of Amanora. Rangathon’s warm-up will take you back to India’s roots with a *folk-fitness* routine. The evening shifts to the track once the DJ pumps in insane energy with the crazy line-up of music. Rangathon’s 5k is divided into four zones.

• *Zone 1*:
Showered with clouds of brilliant colours is the first welcoming of Rangathon. Play your heart out with Rangathon’s organic colours instead of waiting for one day in the year to scream – ‘Holi haiiiiiiiii!’

• *Zone 2*:
If there is colour, can water be far behind? Rangathon’s second zone surprises participants with jets of water. The DJ complements the water sprays helping you to groove till you’ve had your fill.

• *Zone 3*:
Rangathon extends the celebrations of Ganeshotsav months later. Let yourself loose to sway to the foot-tapping and heart-pumping beats of dhol-tasha. Allow the chained free spirit within you experience abandon. You can thank us later!

• *Zone 4*:
A firsthand experience teaches the most. Live the life of a blind person in this zone. Walk and live a few moments / metres in dense darkness. Maybe, wearing a blindfold might teach all of us the value of organ donation and move us to pledge!

Other than an exclusive experience, Rangathon also offers selfie-points, refreshments, and food counters. Every participant will be given a Rangathon T-shirt, goody bag, certificate, and finisher’s medal.
To sum up the concept, Rangathon is a run where you (whatever your fitness levels) start wearing a plain white T-shirt and stand at the finish line doused in colour, drenched in happiness, and soaked with indelible memories!

• Event: Rangathon (by ReBirth Foundation)
• Date: 1st October, 2017
• Time: 5pm to 9pm
• Venue: Amanora Park Town

We will be electrified to see your beaming face in the crowd of happy souls. TheSunday of 1st October will outclass the usual happy ones. See you there!