Rebirth reaches 400 restaurant owners

On 13th April, 2015, the Hotel Association of PUNE, PRAHA, had their AGM held at Garden Court, NDA Road, PUNE. Restaurant owners of more than 400 prestigious Restaurants all over the City attended this meet. Mr Girish Bapat, Minister Food Supplies of Govt of Maharashtra was the Chief Guest.

The President of PRAHA, Mr Ganesh Shetty, who is aware of the present needs of the Society and has a desire to play his part for the betterment of the Society, had invited Team Rebirth for this meet.
There were only three Speakers invited on the Dias, Mr Ganesh Shetty, the President, Mr Girish Bapat, the Chief Guest, and a representative from Team Rebirth. It was a wonderful guesture from PRAHA for spreading awareness of Organ Donation among the City hoteliers.

Rajesh Shetty, Ganesh Bakale & Nilesh Bakale, attended this meet from Team Rebirth. Rajesh gave a 10min speech to a packed hall of 400+ hoteliers along with the guardian Minister of PUNE, Mr Bapat.

The speech on Organ Donation was followed by a huge applause from the audience indicating the appreciation of the cause by one and all present inside the Hall.
This activity was one more step taken by Team Rebirth for spreading awareness about Organ Donation among different strata of our Society.

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