Reunions and Unions

Escorted by a group of bikers, Saurabh Zanwar sees Kaka off from the gates of IIT Kharagpur towards Kolkata. Kaka is excitedly looking forward to reach the capital city of West Bengal and reunite with his Bengali ‘daughter’…

Before the Kharagpur bikers bid farewell on the highway, they treat Kaka at the famed Dosti Café – one of the addas of Indian cricketer M S Dhoni. As expected, people gather around Kaka and his bike with curiosity in their minds and chai cups in their hands!

As per schedule, Kaka reaches the outskirts of Kolkata and waits for the host to pick him up – who is late due to a miscommunication. With no tree in sight, or a tea stall, or an option, Kaka has to stand under the afternoon sun…

We often come across situations when all our efforts eventually hang on someone else’s response. All we can do that time is not give up! 

…Like what Kaka does today under the scorching sun. Like what a ReBirth volunteer, Kaustubh Joshi, continuously did when following up for an event in Kolkata. A heavily pregnant wife suffering a fractured rib and a mother who needs immediate medical assistance, Kaustubh singlehandedly looks after them at home while also diligently following up with PNB Housing Finance Ltd Kolkata over phone from Pune. 

Kaustubh’s efforts have resulted in today’s event. Kaka’s tested patience bears fruit too; Tanumoy (fondly called Prithak), Kolkata’s host, along with his biker friends, reaches the highway and escorts Kaka to the city. 

Newly married Prithak has planned a warm welcome with his wife, Megha, for B.O.Y. 2.0 at his home. After lunch, they leave for the presentation at PNB Housing Finance Ltd’s office. The Kolkata traffic delays them and Kaka’s anticipation… But not for long!

Animesh Dutta (last year’s host for B.O.Y. 1.0 at Kolkata) greets them at the PNB office. Kaka is overjoyed to see him and his wife – Shampa. Shampa exclaims, “Last year when I met Kaka, it was all formal as he was a stranger. But we kept in touch after that… we call each other up regularly. Our bond has deepened immensely in the year that has passed. He is my family today!” She proudly introduces herself as Kaka’s daughter to everyone who meets Kaka!

Subarna Mukherjee (Regional Business Head) of PNB Housing Finance Ltd (Kolkata) in coordination with Kaustubh Joshi has gathered his team for B.O.Y. 2.0’s presentation. They are a good audience but are in for a pleasant shock when Kaka turns around to point at the PNB logo on his jacket!

The feeling of a neutral but engaged audience has now instantly transformed into pride… Pride of being associated with something spectacular as B.O.Y. 2.0 and Kaka!

After the day’s event ticked, Prithak, Megha, Animesh, Shampa, and other bikers take Kaka out for a night sightseeing tour of Kolkata city. Cherishing their bond, Kaka relishes Pavbhaji under the Howrah Bridge. All the inconveniences he faced in the day drain away amidst the glee of the reunion and the soft gurgles of the Hooghly River…

Day 047
Kharagpur to Kolkata | 136 kms
– Juhi Kothari/Shetty

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