Sapere Vedere

What is the role of a teacher? Other than the many qualities, a teacher not only builds knowledge and experience but also imbibes in us rare traits.

Sure, a teacher has the superpower to peek inside us and fish out our best. However, a teacher who teaches us that trick is the real superhero!

Narendra Goidani, fondly known as Naren, revealed the superpower to ReBirth. In his journey of more than 14 years of conducting inspirational training programmes and interacting with people from all walks of life, Naren has founded Life School – a place where solutions to all dilemmas, questions, and problems dwell.

In the year 2014, Naren introduced Life Schoolers to a convention titled ‘Sapere Vedere’. Life School’s initiative and Naren’s brainchild, Sapere Vedere, an Italian phrase, translates to – Know How to See. Sapere Vedere urges us to not only see what is obvious or on the outside but also on the inside and that what is hidden. The success was when Life Schoolers learnt how to see what’s inside them as an individual as well as their capabilities.

We’ve heard it countless times that each one of us is unique. But, how truly do we look at ourselves with those eyes? Sapere Vedere was that turning point in forty people’s lives.

Rajesh Shetty and his 39 team members elected ‘Organ Donation’ as the theme of their five-minute short film for Sapere Vedere. The team and the leader knew what they saw; they knew the answers to all the ‘what’s, ‘why’s, and ‘when’s. The biggest challenge they took up was ‘how to continue the movement’. And thence, in the near future, ReBirth was born!

Team ReBirth had the opportunity of Naren’s guidance from close proximity. A mentor to thousands across the globe, his emphatic long standing life value has been these three words – ‘Inspire Expire’. Justly, his main focus is training people on empowered living.

When invited to share his view on organ donation, Naren reflects, “You die only when no one remembers you. Through organ donation, you ensure you live even after your death.” Naren goes on to add, “Through organ donation, we not only give life to 8 individuals but actually give life to at least 8 families.”

Organ donation is high priority. An individual and/or a family at its receiving end understand its urgency as well as scarcity. Pune currently shows only a two-digit figure of organ donations. ReBirth aims to convert them to four-digits.

Naren – a TEDx speaker, author of 15 books, co-founder of WOW Parenting, blogger with 35000+ readers across the globe, powerful orator – has interacted with achievers from all strata of the society. Recognising patterns and analysing human behaviour comes naturally to him. To bring about organ donation, Naren suggests, “We can weave a campaign with celebrities promoting organ donation. A strong fan base has the ability to move mountains. And whilst we approach the celebrities, we can prompt them to pledge too. Imagine the power with which these celebrities will then ask their fans to support organ donation!”

Naren has been working with students and teachers closely through a social initiative called the Keep Moving Movement. This initiative imparts life transforming training for teachers and Standard X students in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujrathi free of cost. Naren realises that a change, however seemingly unattainable, can find its root in the early years of a country’s youth.

Naren offers a foolproof solution, “Tap the youth today and you secure a country’s future! Running campaigns in schools about organ donation will find a way into the students’ homes. The topic will no longer be a taboo if the myths and misconceptions are wiped out by correct information.”

“Mould the clay when it is wet,” preaches Naren. He explains, “Motorists wear helmets only when it is a compulsion otherwise they’d be penalised. If we explain the function of a helmet, which by the way is not related to fines, to children and its importance, we can breed a generation that values human life more than money.”

A high percentage of brain death is generated due to severe head injury caused in motor vehicle crashes. Naren’s appeal for wearing helmets must be heeded. He also has a message for ReBirth, “As a brand, can you have your presence in public places? Human brain has a strong visual memory. Repetition is the mother of all learning, it is proved. Why not exploit that!”

As a business guru, he shares tips in a training course called Business Excellence. He merges the two here, sensibly – “ReBirth can tie-up with companies and/or organisations who wish to help the NGO. Thus, ReBirth can incentivise citizens when they sign organ donation forms through vouchers.”

Though all of us know that life and death coexist, losing a loved one is always difficult. But, if we can gift life with the intervention of science, why not! “ReBirth is helping in spreading hope. And I support them,” Naren asserts. He endeavours to fill this world with ‘Forces of Goodness’ – people who are good, and have the strength to actually make a difference. He sees this spirit in ReBirth.

“In a short stint of time, ReBirth has created a huge impact. It has fantastic leadership led by Rajesh Shetty. I wish ReBirth and the entire team all the best for all times to come.” Naren notes with beaming pride.

– By,
Narendra Goidani
Founder, Life School
Pune .

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