Speed Breaker Ahead

B.O.Y., the first edition, had no prior experience and a new never-done-before combination in the team. Even with unforeseen circumstances and challenges, it was able to set records. The highlight was ReBirth’s B.O.Y. being recognised by The Limca Book of Records!

With lessons learnt and plans tweaked, ReBirth is prepared thoroughly for B.O.Y. 2.0… Only to face the first setback before the journey begins! When collaborating with external agencies, even a momentary lapse of follow-up can cause colossal delay. And it hit B.O.Y. 2.0’s calender right in its face.

B.O.Y. 2.0’s new bike isn’t on time! The flag-off ceremony and guests and volunteers are pumped up; however, the customised bike is still waiting in the garage for its makeover… The flag-off which was planned at 10:30 am finally is done at 2:30 pm! A new bike is handed over to Kaka, who within minutes, is asked to start his 17500 kms solo bike ride for promoting organ donation.

And this 68 year-old kidney donor smiles and begins the journey… He struggles to find his footing on the bike – literally. He needs to visually locate the brakes before applying them. Every single time. The new bike is a much powerful version than the one he is riding since years. The big box fitted on the rearseat is disproportionate for his balance. Yet, he doesn’t stop. B.O.Y. 2.0’s bike isn’t delivering the mileage it had promised; Kaka needs to adjust to its design while on the road. But, he tunes himself and continues the ride to Kolhapur.

The human body is not just a physical wonder but its emotional and psychological elements are equally miraculous phenomena. True, science proves that a human body's functioning is doctored with utter perfection. Yet, no logical explanation touches the realm of pure human will. For example, an organ transplant leans on sciences but the recovery is paved by the will of the recipient.

Therefore, it is justified to say that technological advancements may fail if not for the magic ingredient of the human spirit. That is our power within! And that power has made Kaka be a part of B.O.Y. 2.0.

The delay from Pune has disrupted the programmes in Kolhapur. Kaka has managed to reach Kolhapur at 8:30 pm with all media interactions cancelled. However, a local agency, despite the delay, waits back and interviews Kaka for B.O.Y. 2.0.

Regardless of blame-games mounting around, the team picked up the pieces and began from where it could – an extremely late start. And, it was accomplished, on road, solely by Kaka’s mindset and will. A potent life lesson (re)surfaces – adaptability of a human is unfathomable and unbeatable!

Day 002

— Juhi Kothari / Shetty

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