Sweet and spicy, is our crew’s journey…!

As our crew traverses from one Indian state to another, as they view changing colours, sights  and scenes, every now and then they are delighted to feast on the local delicacies. Read on to know more.

Day 8

8th November 2022

No. of kms covered: 261 (Total 2536 kms)

No. of hours ridden: 18 hours

Cities covered: Simri-Darbhanga-Baiku-Madhubani-Supaul-Kosi river-Narpatgunj-Forbesgunj-Dodia

States travelled: Gujarat-Rajasthan-Uttar Pradesh-Bihar

And then there are days which blur by. Day 8 started on a delicious note. In their quest for breakfast, the crew came across a small shop on the highway side. And there they feasted on the local delights Dahi Chiwda and Sattu Kachori.

Dahi Chiwda is the quintessential Bihari breakfast. Flattened poha is washed, after which curd, sugar/jaggery is added to it. Its benefits are innumerable. It is filling, easy to digest and provides an instant burst of energy!

Sattu ki Kachori is another famous sumptuous dish and the same served with spicy potato sabji and jalebis is called the ultimate ‘Bihari Nashta’.

Our crew relished these local wholesome specialties which they hadn’t tasted before. After this point they spent considerable time discussing the upcoming routes and halt. Preeti also suggested that the crew take turns resting it out and catch up with the remaining ones later. However, none of our members were willing to leave her! This persisted for quite some time.

During this period, our crew technician entered a local town (1-2 kms inside) to get the punctured tyre repaired properly to avoid any further trouble cropping up later.

On a side yet vital note, Preeti’s bike is an endurance one. It was nursed by our crew technician to match Preeti’s height and structure in order to provide the most comfortable posture and powerful ride for her. As compared to other cycles, like Time Travel (racing ones), endurance cycles have a slimmer frame to be able to withstand both side and headwind. Also their gear ratio is mostly lower to maintain optimal average speed and climb elevations easily.

They stopped for lunch at 11am and decided to rest it out for a couple of hours as they were still feeling the after effects of their fitful sleep at the petrol pump the night before . At 3 pm they were off again.

The going post lunch was a long arduous blur of terrible road conditions. The highway chosen was under construction. And it was in pathetic shape. At places only one lane was working, gravel and construction material littered the road. This proved to be rough for both Preeti and the crew. It was made worse by quite a bit of headwind and the exhaustion they were all feeling. Hence they could not cover their targeted distance. At 12 midnight they finally stopped at a petrol pump for 2 hours and resumed their ride at 2 am.

As the heat beats down fiercely on Preeti, the crew attempt to keep her cool with a Cool Jacket/Jersey (which they make her wear soaking wet) as well as a wet napkin underneath her helmet. This is how she marches on without missing a beat throughout the day.

As days go by, and our crew are nearing their goal, the expedition is proving to be tougher too. The initial burst of energy has now been replaced by grim determination. Days are blurring into each other and nights passing by in a flick of the wrist.

Here is sending them tons of strengthening vibes!

Blog by: Arohi Bhimajiani