The best goals are the ones that are a bit crazy!

Preeti starts a new expedition: cross country solo cycling from Bhutan to India

She’s ready to make her 5th world record in just 10 months. Let’s get to know her journey until now.

Preeti’s Maske is now known in every household in Pune. A 46-year-old mother of two is one who can challenge a youngster in terms of fitness.

She has done Leh to Manali cycling and running, East to West of India and the recently completed Kashmir to Kanyakumari expedition.

After the expeditions in India with the sole purpose of spreading awareness about Organ Donation. She has now decided to spread the awareness outside of India too. This expedition is different as she is doing it solo without and support team.  A solo expedition without support and help from anyone is a very daring thing to do. She wants to test herself in a different way this time.

She’s certainly going to face a lot of challenges doing this solo cycling expedition.

  • Carrying only necessities
  • Planning the food, stay and eating stops on her own
  • Self motivation
  • Maintenance of the cycle (incase there is any problem with the same looking for a mechanic is also a challenging task in a new country)
  • Heat
  • Self-care and maintenance 
  • Giving regular updates and photos to the bloggers herself

These are just a few of her challenges. Many more unseen and unknown challenges are surely going

 The expedition starts from Thimpu in Bhutan. Preeti has reached Bhutan a few days prior to the start to get herself acclimatised to the weather and terrain in Bhutan. In Bhutan, if a foreign national does not have a guide, you are not allowed to cross important check posts. Day one was spent in stuff like immigration and insurance. She also did a bit of sightseeing and also trekked to some of the passes

She went cycling through the Chelela Pass between Haa and Paro Valleys. Located at 38 kilometres from Paro the Chelela Pass is sitting at 3988 meters above sea level. Its also the highest motorable road in Bhutan. She also trekked a distance of ten kilometres and visited the Tiger Nest.

While seeing the local markets near Paro, an ancient fort, Duchela Pass, Punakha Valley , Preeti was getting herself acclimatised and making herself ready for her expedition. 

As the cycling expedition starts from Thimpu in Bhutan, Preeti reached the city a day in advance. The locals were curious about why a person in a extensive cycling attire is here.  Taking notice of this, Preeti started talking to these locals about why she is here. She spoke organ donation and the work of rebirth in the area of organ donation. Tourists from Veena World also were interested in listening to her and gave her best wishes for her noble cause. Preeti has certainly made her mark on the people in Bhutan

Tomorrow on the 23rd of April 2023 the flag off will be done at Thimpu and we are going to be witness to yet another record made by Preeti

Original Blog By : Kavita Pipada
English Translation By : Girija Shirurkar