The Cycle of Life Voyage begins…

As Preeti Maske sets off for Gujarat to begin her trans-India cycling ride for Organ Donation Awareness, here is a sneak peek at their wonderful crew members and initial response.

Day 0

It’s always heartening to witness how a magnificent cause brings together diverse people. Age/city no bar, simply a passion for cycling and a dream to create organ donation awareness. And that is who our lady champ Preeti Maske’s crew comprises!

As she readies herself for an epic journey, cycling 3800 km across the breadth of India, from Narayan Sarovar, Koteshwar, Gujarat to Kibithu, Arunachal Pradesh, Preeti Maske is a bundle of nervous excitement. “Today is rest and preparation day for us, Day 0,” she exclaims. And some major preparations are involved for sure!

Right from Preeti’s nutritional and hydration requirements to the cycle is in perfect running condition, to record all the data, figuring out the best routes, times, and halts, to keeping the crew united and in the pink of health, it’s an expedition of epic proportions. Hence the need for an experienced and passionate crew.

This phenomenal crew includes Preeti Maske (our fiery lady), Mr. Ghanshyam Raghuwanshi (38, Pipariya MP, Crew chief), Ms. Nivedita Manindra (47, Kolkata, Crew cum official), Sumit Mokal (35, Mumbai, Crew official cum technician), Mayank Meda (25, Dahod Gujarat, Crew cum official), Sandeep Shelar (Pune, driver).

Each of them is a cyclist and well-versed in long-distance cycling expeditions. They understand the needs of a cyclist without her having to utter a single word. They are also experts in the technicalities of a cycle and how to operate it efficiently and to its fullest capacity. Preeti has chosen them with utmost thought and care. It was also vital to have another lady on the team.

As they flagged off from Pune, in their colorfully painted car and equally informative T-shirts, with all the expedition details illustrated, they took almost 2 days to reach Gujarat. Traffic ensured that they reach every destination 3 hours late. Also, they noticed the beating heat and will now decide their cycling hours accordingly.

As they drove down, every chai and meal pitstop drew tons of curious onlookers. People surrounded them inquiring about their cause, Preeti Maske and their voyage, As the crew members patiently answered all their questions, a number of them immediately scanned and googled all the details, clicking pictures with Priti. “One tea shop owner was so excited that I was THE Preeti Maske he had read about online, he filled up the organ donation form on the spot! The response is tremendous, and we haven’t even started our ride yet.” She is thrilled to tell us.

They will now meet with the BSP to discuss any security conditions and hope to have the Commander flag them off at 5 am on 1st November 2022.

Preeti Maske leaves us with a heartwarming message before she begins her awe-inspiring odyssey, “I am cycling from west to east for organ donation awareness. Please join me virtually for this cause. Help me spread the message all over. I can spread to only a limited number, but if everyone joins in, it can reach overseas too!

My crew members are here for a cause, I would like to fulfill their dreams too. It is not just my dream anymore. Soon it will be innumerable people’s dreams. The entire expedition is a team effort and we are eagerly waiting for the flag off.”

Here’s wishing our Lady Champ and her entire crew a fabulous expedition.

Blog by : Arohi Bhimajiani