The Cycle Of Life

At 40 years, raising two teenagers with a fitness-deprived body, Ms. Preeti Maske registered for a 5km run, in 2016, reluctantly. Today, in 2022, Preeti Mhaske, super fit, holds two Guinness World Records – for running and cycling each. It unbelievable transformation, right!?

Her passion for cycling is only on the rise. If you forewarn her that a particular route is unattainable or cannot be clocked in xyz hours, Preeti sees that as an ideal challenge! All she takes is the next three months to achieve it. What better summary of her physical capacity, mental strength, and willpower.

On one of such rides, Preeti witnessed an accident. It, naturally, released an avalanche of thoughts about the fragile human body and death. Her devoted research led her to learn about brain death and organ donation as its solution. Her search ended at an NGO, ReBirth Foundation, operating in her city – Pune.

ReBirth has been working on the awareness and spread of Organ Donation pan-India for the last 7 years. Preeti has now decided to dedicate her future rides for Organ Donation awareness. 

As a contribution to this noble cause, Preeti has resolved to do a trans-India ride, from the Pakistan border to the China border, a total of 3800 km in flat 13 days. The ride will start from Narayan Sarovar, Koteshwar, Gujarat on 1st November 2022 and culminate at Kibithu, Arunachal Pradesh on 13th November 2022 (3810 km). 

Preeti, the extremely determined lady, believes that age should not be a barrier to exploring one’s passion. She has now resolved to contribute to the cause of Organ Donation while following her love for cycling. 

“Despite my radical way, if I am able to save even one life through organ donation, I feel I would accomplish my role on this planet,” signs off Preeti Maske.

Blog By : Juhi Kothari