The Real Journey

A team of spirited people, a team of motivated people, a team of people with a sense of purpose, decided to go on a mission.
The reason was noble and the enthusiasm was contagious.
From an Angel, 4 year old, to another, 65 year old, the variety was huge. Some businessman, some Professionals, some students, some housewives, each one was ready to prove their mettle.

Organ Donation had convinced them into putting everything they had at stake.
A Drama was designed, an Orchestra was organised, just to give all those invitees a reason to cheer and a reason to smile.
But the real reason was at the top priority.
Organ Donation had given them a sense of purpose.

Almost all those lovely human beings in the City, who were selflessly doing their bit for the Society for Organ Donation were invited.
Everyone turned up and supported the Event with a large heart.
Mrs Arti Gokhale, President ZTCC, Dr Mr & Mrs Shahade, Dr Vaishali Bharambe, Mr Sharad Shah, President Jain Social group, Mr Ganesh Shetty, President Restaurant Association (PRAHA), President of IMA, Mr Balkrishna Karva and many more had come to support the cause.
Inspite of it being the day of Holi, Inspite of it being at 9:00pm more than 500 of them had come to witness and support this wonderful attempt.

Mrs Arti Gokhale shared some of her heart touching experiences in her journey of 22 years dedicated for Organ Donation. Parents of the young 20 year old Cricketer, Abhishek Thakur, who was killed in an accident 4 months back, shared their heart out of donating their son’s organs even in that state of tragedy. The Shiv Sena Corporater from Thane, Mr Vilas, too came down from Thane and shared his heart moving experience of being a recipient of an Organ (kidney) and his journey through it.

The Event got over almost at 12:00 with almost all the audience revetted in their sits till the end. A huge applause followed. Each one present inside the auditorium wishing the team all the good wishes in their journey towards this important mission.

The Show was over the but the real journey had just begun!

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