This two tyred (lady) doesn’t get too tired

24 continuous hours on the bicycle (cycling) and covering almost 400 kilometers in one go!

Total Travel on Day 2 : almost 400 kilometers (from 6:45 am on 13/02/2023)

Total cycling time : almost 24 hours

Route: Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Ambala, Panipat, Karnal toll plaza

Day 2 of the cycling expedition started at 6:45 am on 13/02/2023… no snow… no rains… the temperature also is a bit bearable… and the ascend too has come down a lot… basically a pleasant day with straight and smooth roads made a good start for Preeti!

She had decided that she will be cycling continuously till Panipat till day end and then take a break….  All these positives on one side and a technical problem with her bicycle on the other side… The universe threw one more problem at Preeti….. The team was trying to get the bicycle back in proper shape… along with the technical problem with the bicycle… the unruly traffic… large vehicles… people driving and riding from the wrong side of the road added to the issues Preeti faced… and hence a lot of time was lost…

The sun set and night fell….Preeti was at the peak of her usual highly motivated self… The team’s official driver Mr. Sandeep was a bit tired after continuous driving and started to feel drowsy..he then handed over the steering wheel to Mr. Anand who too started feeling tired and drowsy in an hour’s time…. He suddenly remembered that Preeti faced a similar problem in her last expedition and she had mentioned to him that eating dry coffee powder works wonders…. And he did the same…. Like Preeti had mentioned, he was wide awake and alert in a few minutes…. Preeti had been riding all night long and now was extremely hungry… At dawn they were near the Karnal toll plaza…  They somehow pushed through to the toll plaza… in the meanwhile the team contacted the toll plaza officials and the officials made arrangements for some food and refreshments… although the toll plaza is owned by the NHAI, it is run by a private company… the officials from this company ensured that the team and Preeti were taken care of… They even went to receive the team and escorted them to the toll plaza office…  Most importantly they did not want anything in return… On the contarary, they made a request for not mentioning their names anywhere… May be they wanted to do their bit for the noble cause of Organ Donation!

Its 8 am in the morning and Preeti and the team wish to reach Delhi by noon…..

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” 

Original Blog By : Kavita Pipada
English Translation By : Girija Shirurkar