Time Waits For None

As per the mutually-decided schedule, Kaka is ready at 7:30 am to leave for Coimbatore. Having loaded his bag onto the bike and worn his gears, he calls up to confirm the plan. The person escorting him out of Madurai towards the highway to Coimbatore has still not left his place! Kaka calculates the approximations and decides to make a move…

Kaka starts the bike and heads out onto the road; he is already an hour late, as per schedule!

The delay has cost him. The problem of not knowing the best route out of the city has multiplied with the traffic awoken on the road. The morning jams further slow him down. Figuring out the route himself – speaking in his broken English and Hindi – he is finally on the highway.
Though expected, the language barrier is posing a hindrance here. Kaka has had a translator stand next to him while he delivered a session. He has had hours of hesitation for venturing out to a hotel by himself because he is unable to make the connection of the dishes’ names to the food that he wishes to eat! Yet, he continues to build connections in the journey – solely because of a pure intent!

Emotion is a universal language! And organ donation is purely dictated by emotions.

Healthy retrievable organs get damaged if the family of a brain-dead patient do not consent to organ donation in the stipulated time. A retrieved organ can succumb if it doesn’t reach the recipient in the given time. A patient can die waiting if a donor isn’t found in the available time…

Likewise, a healthy human being can waste their potential if they choose not to sign up for organ donation. Time runs out in a snap of finger! Before we realise, the damage is already done. Once lost, time cannot be rewound…

As they say, “Make hay while the sun shines”, ReBirth is trying its creative best to encourage people to sign up for organ donation. And with Kaka at the helm, the myths and misconceptions related to organ donation dispel within seconds!

Despite being slightly delayed, Kaka is able to squeeze in just at the right time for a scheduled interview. A team from The Hindu ask for all the necessary information and wind up the interview smoothly.

Kaka is free to retire for the day. As the sun calls it a day too, Kaka reminisces about how a timely decision he made eighteen years ago created a ripple effect and brought him to B.O.Y. 2.0!

Day 018
Madurai to Coimbatore | 236 kms

– Juhi Kothari/Shetty

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