To Let It Be or Not To Let It Be

Imagine not only being away from your family for months but also being continuously on the move. Whatever one’s fitness levels, road journeys eventually tire a human. Now imagine the combination of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion weighing you down but you must go on…

This 68-year-old man has volunteered to do all this – for a good 132 continuous days! At the end of every day, he doesn’t have a family member to ease away his backache… At the end of a long ride, he doesn’t have his wife to talk/listen to… Yet, he chooses to go on! Because these sacrifices look nominal while in pursue of spreading awareness about organ donation.

Being an organ donor himself, Kaka has the authority and weight to preach the cause. ReBirth could not have a better influencer than Kaka to help promote organ donation across the nation! And trust us, we notice the shift towards a decision in people’s minds when they interact with Kaka.

ReBirth’s Bharat Organ Yatra (B.O.Y.) 2.0 is taking Kaka across the length and breadth of the country. During the journey, Kaka will need to grapple with language barriers. He has done so in the last season and is confident of this time too!

In a country where languages change every twenty kilometres, India also boasts of immensely diverse food of every region! When we posed this concern to him, (keeping in mind his medical history, B.O.Y. 2.0’s route, and his current age), he matter-of-factly responded, “मी जिभेचऺ लाड कधीच केलऺ नाही!” Such a simple statement yet so difficult to live by with! He happily eats and appreciates the food this journey brings to his table. 

Somewhere in the big box that has been mounted on Kaka’s bike lie two sets of clothes. 132 days = 2 sets of clothes. Some of us at ReBirth are losing sleep over this equation…!

Today, Kaka has reached Madurai and Tamil Nadu. In the sixteen days of B.O.Y. 2.0’s journey, Kaka has already crossed 4 states! Whatever the circumstances, he has accepted them and made himself a part of it. However, today, he has an apprehension and has also decided not to give in…

The shared accommodation allotted to Kaka is the point of concern, for him. According to him, he relates, that his health comes first. Keeping in focus B.O.Y. 2.0’s 132-solo-ride, he steers clear of any chance to fall ill and has wished to be moved to a different place. 

Swiftly, calls are made within the backend team sitting in Pune. Mileage Munchers – the backbone of the ride – find a solution in no time. Kaka and the host move to the new address. There, Kaka retires for the day…

What is the point of telling you about this small incident? So that we learn more things from Kaka!

Kaka has taught us to think of the larger picture than being self-centered. He shows us that luxuries to the body only make us handicapped. Today, he illustrates that we must keep our health on high priority! Come what may, when it comes to health, we must put ourselves first. Only when we are fit, will we be able to work selflessly!


Day 016

Thoothukudi  to Madurai | 148 kms

– Juhi Kothari/Shetty

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