Today’s Menu – Dust and dirt

Total Distance covered: 139 kilometres

Route : Raxaul Border, Ramgarhwa, Sugauli

The road was in the worst condition than imagined when Preeti left from Kathmandu at 5 in the morning. The route suggested as a shortcut by the stranger girl in Nepal was one which was a narrow road with extremely steep ascends and descends. Preeti was really not happy on seeing the condition of the road. The elevation and the descends were almost 70 degrees. It too Preeti almost 7 hours to cover a distance of 47 kilometres. The only things visible on the road were dust and dirt. The ghat section of 9 kilometres in Devrali was equally difficult. One could barely walk there leave aside cycle.

She crossed Kasba Ghat and hit the highway. At Nepal border Preeti was invited by a few cyclists for felicitation but as she had decided to cross Nepal border that day itself she skipped the meeting and felicitation.

On the way to the Nepal border Preeti met a cyclist who has been travelling the world on his cycle for the Past one year. This enthusiastic cyclist named “Mallu” is a Keralite who is also a blogger. He has a you tube channel of his own. He is now going to tour Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. He’s been travelling with a few utensils and a tent to sleep in at night. Being single he has no intentions of stopping anytime soon. He was really surprised at the fact that Preeti was cycling only with a small saddle bag. He did praise Preeti for her nobel intent of spreading the awareness about ReBirth and Organ Donation.

Around 5 in the evening Preeti reached the Nepal border. She took the signatures and seal at the border check post, changed the currency and moved into India. The Himalayan MTB Riders welcomed her in India. They got the information about her work towards the awareness of organ donation. They checked her cycle and appropriately felicitated her before letting her go.

In an hours time she reached her place of night halt… and the planning for the next day has already started.

Original Blog By : Kavita Pipada
English Translation By : Girija Shirurkar