‘Waah, Darjeeling!’

Gangtok’s DAMC riders Sachin, Sangay, and Rongkup escort Kaka up to Ranpo i.e. Sikkim’s border, a good 40 kms from the city of Gangtok. 

In perfect synchronisation, the Darjeeling Enfielders are stationed here to welcome Kaka to Darjeeling.

Changing hands and state, ReBirth’s Bharat Organ Yatra 2.0 rides towards Darjeeling, led by 9 bikers! Kaka immediately registers a difference in the air. With tea plantations all around him, breathing the chai-infused air takes Kaka to heaven…!

His glee is soon interrupted; once the steep climb to the city approaches, Kaka is unable to manoeuvre his bike. The sharp turns and gradient are too much for Kaka to tackle together. Gauging Kaka’s discomfort and apprehensions, the bikers offer a solution. 

Penchen Bhutia (President, Darjeeling Enfielders), today’s biker-host, asks Kaka to swap bikes with another biker. And with not another minute wasted, the change is made and the journey continues.

Kaka observes that the biker is able to tackle the road conditions smoothly. The biker who is riding Kaka’s bike too has a realisation – Kaka’s bike’s brakes are not in great shape! As they cross a village, the group spots a mechanic workshop. They halt and get Kaka’s bike’s break liners changed. No discussions or debates. The bikers pay for the repair and move to the accommodation.

Kaka is stunned beyond comprehension! The biker community’s selflessness doesn’t go unnoticed by Kaka…

Darjeeling Enfielders have arranged for a superb homestay accommodation at Heyagriva for Kaka. The owner, Mr Palzor Dukpa, who also happens to be a member of the club, on learning that his guest for the day was Kaka, requested Penchen if he could accompany the Darjeeling Enfielders. And obviously, he is one of those 9 bikers who have welcomed Kaka!

A press meet is arranged at the Darjeeling Press Guild at roughly 4:30-5pm. Other than newspaper reporters, a local news channel is present too. Within two hours of the interview, Kaka’s piece is broadcasted on the local channel – Himali Channel! Kaka is wowed by their efficiency!

Darjeeling Enfielders take Kaka to the famous coffee shop of Darjeeling – Glenarys. Owned by Ajay Edwards, Glenarys has been operational since the British Raj. As the evening cold starts building, the live music at Glenarys warms up the inside. The owners felicitate Kaka for his B.O.Y. 2.0 journey. Kaka and the bikers have a wonderful evening overlooking the beautifully lit valley from the balcony at Glenarys.

Insulated in layers of thermal, his safari suit, jacket, muffler, and money-cap, the Darjeeling cold still manages to pierce Kaka. However, the warmth of the bikers outweighs it… Kaka is grateful of having met such souls in his journey! “The bikers here are extremely caring and loving!

When the Darjeeling Tea has the power to make our (every) day brilliant, how can Darjeeling citizens not be at par!

Day 56
Gangtok to Darjeeling | 96 kms
– Juhi Kothari/Shetty

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