Watering the Roots

Stronger and deeper the roots, sturdier will a tree stand! The more we nurture our today will the future be promising!

Like the roots hold a tree tall and mighty, so will the children hold the society tomorrow…

Mahajan Kaka departs from Chennai on a chirpy note in the presence of Shiv Prasad and Yogesh. He needs to cover 175 kms to reach Nellore – the last city in Tamil Nadu for B.O.Y. 2.0. This is only an overnight stay followed by back-to-back cities for a few days. Kaka must strictly follow time as he has an event lined up at 4pm in Nellore.

Despite the communication challenges, he has managed brilliantly in TN using aids like past newspaper clippings covering B.O.Y. 2.0 in Tamil and bikers’ support. He reaches Nellore well in time…

Today’s event is scheduled in an English school. Kaka only hopes that the students there understand Hindi unlike the maximum people he met in the journey… Meanwhile, he is interviewed by Eenadu News and Act Fiber Net Media.

The host, Mr Pawan, escorts Kaka to the venue – RSR English Medium High School. Around 70 students are in attendance along with 7 teachers. Standards 9th and 10th are present to listen to the sensitive topic of organ donation. 

Once on stage, Kaka draws a deep breath of Tamilian air and clears his throat. Like his bike in gear on a clear road, he commences the presentation in his Marathi-infused Hindi, hoping for the best! He has instructed his translator to step in only after he has completed; he is wary that an interruption might make him forget his next line!

Kaka’s speech-cum-presentation is crisp. He covers all the points effectively in good time. The audience is in rapt attention. Hoping that they caught a few key words, he thanks them for being good listeners. 

“Did you understand what Mahajan Kaka spoke about?” one of the teachers asks the students. With his heart thudding in his ears, Kaka has his fingers crossed…

One of the students is made the scapegoat. He stands up. And recites Kaka’s presentation exactly but in his own words! He mentions all the technical terms like ‘braindead patients’, ‘consent’, ‘ICU’, and ‘pledging to be a donor’.

Kaka is stunned, in the highest form so far. His joy knows no bounds. One by one, as asked, the students answer all questions thrown by the teachers!

An impromptu quiz receives all correct answers. And every participant receives a chocolate and a ₹ 10 note as a token of appreciation. The school’s staff has pre-planned this part meticulously and has invited Kaka to hand over the gifts. 

Kaka is touched by the students’ eagerness to learn about organ donation. “I’m ecstatic to be here with the students today. If there are 70 of them here, I believe I was able to reach 70×4 i.e. 280 people already! Each one of these students will go home and share the event with the family. The excitement of learning something new is bound to spread within their homes.” Kaka signs off from Tamil Nadu.

The students of RSR English Medium High School have been an immersive audience in B.O.Y. 2.0’s journey so far. It is true they say; the future of the nation rides on its youth. And B.O.Y. 2.0 has somewhere sowed a seed!


Day 032
Chennai to Nellore | 175 kms

– Juhi Kothari/Shetty

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