When Dots Connect

We have been fortunate to have come in contact with some genuine souls in the journey of B.O.Y. 2.0 so far. The bikers have been a constant support; but chance encounters with people have also cemented bonds.

Today’s event in Hyderabad has materialised purely by the efforts of one such random encounter!

One of the management members at the Vijayawada hostel where Kaka had stayed at has tapped his sources to make an interview possible in Hyderabad.

Kaka reaches the scheduled spot on a street of Hyderabad bang on time at 11am. A YouTuber – Mr Raman – is already setting up his team for the interview. He purposely records the interview on a busy road fully aware that it may cause a hindrance to the flowing traffic. 

As expected, some commuters slow down while others stop and watch on curiously. Raman asks Kaka to ride his bike back and forth while the camera records from various angles. Meanwhile, another biker from Hyderabad, Mr Arvind, joins the onlookers – patiently waiting for the interview to get done. 

Soon, Arvind helps translate Kaka’s Hindi interview to Telugu, mainly for the crowd gathered around. Raman’s plan is working out effectively; not only is he recording the story but also helping in spreading firsthand information to the crowd. Once satisfied, Raman calls the final cut!

Indumathi, one of B.O.Y. 2.0’s Captains, calls up Raman to thank him profusely for accommodating a last minute request of this interview. He thanks ReBirth instead, for promoting a cause so important!

Raman says, “People gather in thousands to spot a celebrity. Reporters cover stories on them to sell their newspapers/news channels. However, when a real hero is in the city, where are the citizens!?” 

He expresses his dissatisfaction at the lack of organ donation awareness and state of disinterest about the topic amongst the citizens.

Raman is touched by the work ReBirth and Kaka are striving to accomplish via B.O.Y. 2.0. Inspired, he pledges to promote organ donation awareness in his capacity. To help him with more clarity, Indumathi emails ReBirth’s presentation explaining technical details of organ donation to Raman.

With around 1.67K subscribers to his channel – Clap In TV, Raman seems like the right person to be briefed about ReBirth’s upcoming competition’s fourth season.

Another unique event, ReBirth’s Green Corridor Short Film Competition is based on making five-minute films on organ donation. Raman is thrilled with the concept and assures to spread the word in his circle! Arvind, his fellow bikers, Raman, and Kaka enjoy a hearty meal together. Each one promises to do their best bit for organ donation awareness…

The trail that we leave as we move ahead holds significance. The strangers we met yesterday have the potential to be strong bridges in the future! We lived one example today and befriended another today!

Day 036
Hyderabad, Telangana
– Juhi Kothari/Shetty

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